Curtain Raiser : 3rd India Steel Expo 2017

The Minister of Steel Chaudhary Birender Singh  addressed the media conference on the upcoming 3rd India Steel Expo 2017 International Exhibition and Conference to be held in Mumbai from 19th – 21st April 2017. The Secretary, Steel Dr. Aruna Sharma was  also present on the occasion.The Stael exhibitions has objectives which can  progressive  in the sector thus focus on  Raw Material,Production,Logistics and demand. National Sttel Policy is coming which is in public domain and shall get  Cabinet nod next motnh in which steps are taken to enhance the conception per unit to 160Kg. Quality and value added Steel is definitely on priority list of ministry to give impetus to exports and main attraction of this exhibition and seminar is to enhance consumption for which two regional conferences were held in Gangtok and Ludhiana and three more to follow. Two hundred delegates from more than seventy five countries shall be participating in this International exhibition of steel in Mumbai.The policies and regulation has kept the sector capacity utilization to 78% and same percent has achieved in surging exports.Reduction in Imports is at 39%. Minister added that Ministry is well aware of RD and innovation in this sector and thus stakeholders are being facilitated in this context.

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On Mineral front report  released is issued by the ministry is as follow:

The index of mineral production of mining and quarrying sector for the month of January (new Series 2004-05=100) 2017 at 146.1, was 5.3% higher as compared to January 2016. The cumulative growth for the period April- January 2016-17 over the corresponding period of previous year has been (+) 1.4 percent.

The total value of mineral production (excluding atomic & minor minerals) in the country during January 2017 was Rs. 22775 crore. The contribution of Coal was the highest at Rs. 9535 crore (42%). Next in the order of importance were: Petroleum (crude) Rs. 5591 crore, Iron ore Rs. 2657 crore, Natural gas (utilized) Rs. 2192 crore, Lignite Rs.901 crore and Limestone Rs. 587 crore. These six minerals together contributed about 94% of the total value of mineral production in January 2017.

Production level of important minerals in January 2017 were: Coal 652 lakh tonnes, Lignite 51 lakh tonnes, Natural gas (utilized) 2650 million cu. m., Petroleum (crude) 31 lakh tonnes, Bauxite 2248 thousand tonnes, Chromite 259 thousand tonnes, Copper conc. 13 thousand tonnes, Gold 139 kg., Iron ore 186 lakh tonnes, Lead conc. 28 thousand tonnes, Manganese ore 221 thousand tonnes, Zinc conc. 168 thousand tonnes, Apatite & Phosphorite 75 thousand tonnes, Limestone 269 lakh tonnes, Magnesite 22 thousand  tonnes  and Diamond  3670 carat.

The production of important minerals showing positive growth during January 2017 over January 2016 include: ‘Zinc conc.’ (87.0%), ‘Lead conc. (36.7%), ‘Gold’ (35.0%), ‘Diamond’ (31.8%), ‘Iron ore’ (26.5%), ‘Bauxite’ (22.4%), ‘Manganese ore’ (21.4%), ‘Lignite’ (19.1%), ‘Natural gas (utilized)’ (11.3%), ‘Copper conc.’ (8.8%), ‘Coal’ (3.7%) ‘Petroleum (crude)’ (1.3%) and ‘Magnesite’ (0.1%). The production of other important minerals showing negative growth are: ‘Chromite’ [(-) 17.2%], Apatite & Phosphorite’ [(-) 14.8%] and ‘Limestone’ [(-) 3.6%].

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