AAP MMR Health Wing marches for safe health care

The Aam Aadmi party condemns the pathetic health infrastructure in Maharashtra and the government’s apathy to the condition of both medical staff, and patients.

The recent attacks on doctors are the consequence of poor medical services as consecutive state governments have neglected health care services. Inadequacy of medical facilities leads to ire among the loved one of patients, and lack of security for medical staff leads to violent outpouring of flared emotions. The root cause of both these causes is the apathy of the state government.

Instead of attempting to resolve the issue quickly, the BJP Government forced the doctors to go on strike and this caused immense distress to patients. AAP does not support any strike of essential services that inconveniences the citizens and we condemn the BJP Government for letting this issue linger for 4 days in which many precious lives may have been lost.

As a party we are solution seeking and proactive – the AAP MMR Health Wing demonstrated this by initiating a Mohalla Health Clinic to give free medical treatment in Mumbai.

Today the Health Wing is leading a March in solidarity with patients and doctors in order to create awareness of the gross negligence in health services by the state Government. Dr Karmarkar, along with the Mumbai leadership, will lead the March. AAP National Executive Member Preeti Sharma Menon will also join the March.

Time – 4.30 pm

Date – Sunday, 26th March 2017-03-26

Route – From AAP KA MOHALLA CLINIC Beside Amar Hospital Kurla Kamani (Kurla West)

To Kurla Bus Depot. Return via Bail Bazaar, Kale Marg 

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