Landslides Kill 250 in Mocoa

Colombia, at least 250 people died hundreds more are missing after torrential rains  along with severe flooding and mudslides in devastated the city of Mocoa, in southwest Colombia, according to a statement released by the army.

Security forces said, they are searching for the missing people and more than 1000 soldiers and police are involved in the rescue effort. The flood buried whole neighbourhoods and forced residents to flee their homes.

An army statement said, there were at least 400 injured and 200 still missing in the capital of Putumayo province. President Juan Manuel Santos declared a state of emergency in the region and flew in to oversee the rescue effort.

Many of the victims did not have enough time to climb on top of their roofs, or seek refuge on higher ground.

“We’ve declared an emergency in the area so we can help people as best we can,” Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos, who flew to Mocoa on Saturday to oversee rescue efforts, said.

He added that 30 percent of monthly rain fell in just one night.

“All of our hearts are with the victims of this tragedy.”

An estimated 220 people were still missing, while another 400 were injured, according to the Red Cross. reports media agencies

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