Goyal False Claims in LS – Rs.12-30 Lakh Cr Losses

Goyal False Claims in LS – Rs.12-30 Lakh Cr Losses

April04, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com


It is great Tamasha in Lok Sabha when Piyush Goyal present Power Minister and former Power Minister clashed over FALSE CLAIMS of Goyal that India is Power Surplus and Planting FAKE Stories of RAPID Electrification and Energizing Homes of Poor when 2016-17 Power Generation Growth is barely 4.7% or just 2.7% in per capita terms. 

Goyal’s 40,000 Solar Parks, Rs.8,00,000 Cr Economic Loss 

Goyal is Lunatic because Instead of Minimizing T&D losses, Energy Efficiency, Rooftop Solar and New Generation in Power Deficit States or region, 

Ø He supported Long Distance Transmission of Power from Kutchh to UP/NE, Thermal Generation based on Imported Coal, Solar Parks in Desert or Power Surplus regions. 

Ø Rooftop SolarPV is Rs.11 Cr Capital Cost Advantage plus Rs.9 Cr/MW Fuel Saving. [Rs.1 Cr/MW Capital Cost, Rs.6 Cr/MW T&D Cost, Rs.2 Cr/MW Interest Cost, Rs.2 Cr/MW Land Cost & Fuel Cost saving Rs.9 Cr/MW.] Just sanctioned 40,000 MW Solar Parks are Rs.8,00,000 Cr Economic Loss to India plus Environment Loss.     


Ø 60,000 MW of Solar Parks out of 175,000 MW Renewables is Rs.12 lakh cr Economic Loss to India – Total losses due to Politics Driven Policies, Poor Quality Service Shall cost India Rs.30,00,000 Cr Lifetime losses.


Ø When Private Solar Parks Tariff is Rs.8.77/U currently, Coupled With T&D Losses – Losses to India May Even Double Than Given Figures.


Generation Growth Just 2.7% Per Capita – Pathetic Show



What is even more Pathetic is that Power Generation Growth in Northern Region was barely 2.38%, Western Region 3.62% just marginally above population growth rate. Southern, Eastern & NE Regions recorded 6.7%, 7.33% and 18.77% Generation growth.


http://www.cea.nic.in/reports/monthly/generation/2017/March/tentative/opm_16.pdf , http://www.cea.nic.in/reports/monthly/installedcapacity/2017/installed_capacity-02.pdf

Haryana recorded (-)15.09% generation growth and 36.79% PLF. Punjab recorded 13.51% generation growth, Rajasthan another BJP state recorded (-)4.04% generation growth. UP recorded 7.91% generation growth. Chhatisgarh recorded 18.05%, but Gujarat (-) 4.86% generation growth, MP the giant just 2.98% generation growth, Maharashtra was pathetic just 0.71% or NEGATIVE Per Capita Generation. AP 12.05% was excellent, Karnataka (-) 8.04%, TN 10.39% and Telengana was blazing 17.68% in generation growth. 



UP Generation 120 BU Capacity 21,311 MW, Gujarat 99.8 BU – 30,330 MW


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