Power and Peddal Rickshaw in New Delhi


When Indian Capital reels under sultry hot weather, growing population, in coming and out going population makes Delhi  traffic in unplanned colonies complete mess with people walking all over the places leaving little space for motors and cars to to just move in the lowest possible speed that of Peddal Rickshaw. Thus  whenever traffic improvement is planned, the first target is pedal rickshaw  they are abused and thrown out on one pretext of the other.

From the last four years the Power Rickshaw has turned around the urban traffic which are mostly found in old colonies, Resettlement colonies and bigger colonies of the capital for this new urban transport which is an up-gradation of peddle rickshaw with battery operated motor software which rotates the main assembly of rickshaw thus giving the rickshaw speed of 20- 30 KM thus boon for commuters women, men ,young,old, weak, to travel for short distance of one to  four Km  very economically and with rapid pace.

A technology has improved and provided faster pace to the urban space. Walkers and pedestrians are put on faster wheels which has also enlivened the car drivers enough speed to the utility of the fuel and ease of driving.

Most of people which are encompassed in this profession of running both Peddal and Power rickshaws are men  from the eastern and northern states of Bihar, UP, Jharkhand. The youngsters are found taking up this drive and those driving pedal rickshaw are earning Rs 600 per day and those in Power Rickshaw earn Rs 900 per day, paying daily the rent of vehicle is Rs 200 to 400 for the former and later respectively. With unemployment on rise across India these young  and enterprising men are sending to their parents or family in their villages approximately rs 4K to 5K as per the requirement through post office or banks.

With unemployment on rise in norther- eastern states the young men are coming in large number across Delhi NCR to get easy way of earning and their numbers are rising every day but most of the enterprising are finding it interesting way of earning. Along with this novel way of people gathering money there are other means of livelihood for incoming population to this important  north urbanization centre Delhi NCR, Eatable  Vendors,ice cream vendors, Rice -dal vendors, Cholley -bhatura,taxi  drivers,house keeping ,cooks and service providers etc

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