Indian Swimmers win 17 medals at the Thailand


Indian Swimmers win 17 medals at the Thailand Age Group Swimming Championships 2017

– Glenmark Aquatic Foundation’s initiative to transform swimming in India produces results
DELHI, April 5, 2017 – Eighteen Swimmers representing India Swimmers who train at the Glenmark Aquatic Foundation (GAF) and SAI Glenmark TIDM (Talent Identification Development and Management) program won a total 5 Gold, 8 Silvers and 4 Bronze medals at the Thailand Age Group Swimming Championships held at Bangkok between April 1st– 5th 2017.

The Thailand Age Group Swimming Championships is a FINA recognized event which is also a qualifier for major International meets including the World Swimming Championships at Budapest. A total of 1000 swimmers participated in the Event.

The 18 swimmers are trained by Glenmark Aquatic Foundation (A CSR arm of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) as a part of its objective to produce International Champions by transforming the ecosystem of swimming in India.

National Champion Swadesh Mondal won a total of 3 golds and 3 silvers to emerge as one of the best swimmers at the event. The other medal winners included Kushargra Rawat (1 Gold, 1 Silver), Xavier Dsouza ( 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze), Bastab Tapan Bordoloi (1 Silver, 1 Bronze), Vedant Bapna ( 1 Silver), Annie Jain ( 1 Silver)  and Jyotsna Pansare ( 2 Bronze).

Mr. Peter Carswell, Head Coach, Glenmark Aquatic Foundation said “It is an impressive performance from all the swimmers.  The medal winners have achieved a milestone but all the other swimmers also achieved personal bests in their events. This is in course with our vision to produce an Olympic medallist from India. It is pertinent to note that only two foreign swimmers are eligible to swim in the finals and hence a few of our swimmers lost out.”

Glenmark Aquatic Foundation has Olympian Clive Rushton as its technical Director, Peter Carswell who has coached Olympian Leah Neale from Australia to the Rio Olympics as Head Coach Mumbai. Partha Pratim Majumdar heads the coaching in Delhi. The other coaches include Mr. Bushan Kumar, Arjuna Awardee winner Smita Divgikar Senior coaches D.S. Chikara, Ms. Parampal Johar and National Champions Komal Athare and Sathish Kumar. GAF has also tied up with Sports Authority of India and Swimming Federation of India.

The results of medal winners;

Swadesh Mondal   Kushagra Rawat
Medal Event Timing Group Medal Event Timing Group
Gold 50 BR 00:32.70 Boys -Group-3 Gold 400 FS 04:10.28 Boys-Group-1
Gold 200 IM 02:19.24 Silver 200 FS 01:58.16
Gold 400 IM 04:58.02 Bastab Tapan Bordoloi
Silver 400 FS 04:31.63 Medal Event Timing Group
Silver 100 BR 01:11.80 Silver 100 Fly 00:59.43 Boys-Group-2
Silver 200 BR 02:34.02 Bronze 200 FS 02:02.40
Jyotsna Pansare   Xavier Dsouza
Medal Event Timing Group Medal Event Timing Group
Bronze 200 BK 02:31.87 Girls-Open Gold 200 BK 02:12.64 Boys-Group-1
Bronze 50 BK 00:31.58 Silver 100 FLY 00:57.12
        Bronze 50 FLY 00:26.27
Annie Jain Vedant Bapna
Medal Event Timing Group Medal Event Timing Group
Silver 200 BK 00:35.15 Girls-Group-2 Silver 200 BK 02:16.95 Boys-Group-2

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