US-India $60Trillion – Market + IPR + Technology Partnership

April08, 2017 © Ravinder Singh

US-India together adds up to over $20T in GDP; US IPR including Brand, Patents & Design $20T and Knowledge & Skills $20T all adding up to $60 Trillion but US-India bilateral trade in goods and services is barely $106b and stalled for some time.

US administration & Ambassadors to India all knew about the Potential of US-India partnership yet economic relations are at ‘Experimental Level’, India Slowing Down Patent Office & US Restricting H1 VISAs and India not matching the Support provided by Asian Tigers.

Instead of promoting US-India IPR, Skills & Trade – respect for others Laws fight over ‘Maid Issue’.


US undervalue Indian skills and India undervalue US IPR and thus there is stalemate in Techno-Economic Cooperation.


Ø India buys US Technology made in third country – APPLE or GUNS and pay 3-10 times than local production.


Ø US engages Indian Engineers for low grade ‘Mainly Accounting & Billing Work’ paying one third than cost of US Manpower.


Ø This inventor Exposed how Tata & Ambani Discoms Run Electricity Meters up to 60% fast in Delhi for STARNEWS in 2005 – [Abusing GE Patent 6459258] – GE in India and US has no idea about it.


GE Meters Company Alone Could Have Been $500b Multinational Under This Professional Inventor.


This inventor’s 60 days research work in US High-Tech Manufacturing in 1986 was worth $50b a year to US. [$1500b so far]


India lose 800 maf to 1000 maf water to sea every year even as 30% to 50% is drought affected and Food Producing states Over Exploit Ground Water– US has the resources and technology to build Multi-Purpose Dams Fast.


Both India and US need at least 1 million High Skill CTO each in all Small & Medium High-Tech Industries and Cooperation in IPR, Industry & Trade to realize full potential of IPR created in US and support Indian IPR in US-INDIA.



Ø US-India IPR Treaty to register IPR created in one Country to be registered in Partner country also without delay and no cost.

Ø US-India is Recognize & Support C to C and P to P Cooperation without restriction.

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