This week devastating attack in Syria

Human Rights First - American Ideals. Universal Values.
Dear Naresh,

This week, in a devastating attack against Syrian civilians, President Bashar al-Assad broke with the international prohibition against chemical weapons and killed over 70 men, women, and children with Sarin gas.

Assad’s attack is not an isolated incident; his regime has waged warfare against the Syrian people for more than six years, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in the process.

The war in Syria is an international crisis that requires a comprehensive strategy to finally end.

That’s why we’re calling on President Trump to work with the international community to immediately address the human rights abuses perpetrated against civilians by the Assad regime and by ISIS, and advance an end to the conflict.

And if we truly want to protect innocent Syrians, we cannot turn our back on the millions of refugees desperately fleeing the fighting. Many of those we’ve shut our doors on are victims of vicious attacks like those carried out by the Assad regime this week.

Join us in calling on the Trump Administration to renew strong and sustained diplomatic efforts to find a solution to the crisis, and to welcome those fleeing the war’s horrors.

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