Parties to Honor Poll Promises, Political Ethics, Code & Rules                

April10, 2017 © Ravinder Singh


CJI made it clear that ‘Directive Principles of the Constitution are Fundamental to GoI Policies and Parties’ and ‘Unconstitutional Economics is serious a concern.’


Indianthinker was Campaigning for Political Ethics, Code and Rules to be followed by political parties and Contestants since 2005 and filed an RTI also in 2009. He wanted ‘Election Manifesto’ to be a ‘Registered Document’ and ‘Constitution of Political Parties should Provide Info about their Economic Policies.’


Election Manifestos are released days before ‘Polling Just As A Formality’ – which are inaccessible to the Voters and instead of ‘DEBATING MANIFESTOS – RELIGION & CASTE TAKE CENTERSTAGE in POLL CAMPAIGNS.’ A Party who Lies Most usually wins. CAG to release Annual Reports of all ministries.


While a first time CANDIDATE is directed to Disclose all his Qualification, Experiences, and Assets but Candidates seeking Second or Next TERM, Ex Ministers are not directed to list all Projects Approved By Them of Rs.1 Cr+ in value, MoU Signed and Their Present Status. THIS IS TO EXPOSE SUCCESSES & FAILURES OF THE MINISTERS.


“No political party can work contrary to the Directive Principles as these principles are fundamental. This raises a question – what economic system is constitutionally postulated? The real problem arises in the implementation of economic reforms. Unconstitutional economics remains a concern.”


“Electoral politics does not tell it citizens about the economic reforms they are entitled to. Electoral promises remain unfulfilled – why? Perhaps the process of winning election seems to have taken a toll on political parties. Religion and caste take center-stage in elections, not economic reforms. Every political party finds an excuse not to fulfill electoral promises,” Chief Justice JS Khehar added, referring to the issues pertaining to electoral politics. In FE.


The CJI said election manifestos of parties become a “piece of paper” and the freebies promised by parties remain unfulfilled once the elections are over. TOI


‘—they did not indicate any link between electoral reforms and the Constitutional goal of socio-economic justice to the marginalised.’ The HINDU.




1.    Core Economic Policy of the Registered & Recognized Party should be ‘Explained in

the Constitution of the Recognized Party’.


2.    All Recognized Political Parties ‘Must File Party Manifesto 60 Days Ahead of

Nomination So that Party Candidates are Fully Conversant with it’ and Debates should totally focus on ‘Manifesto & Its Implementation and Integrity-Suitability-Availability-Qualification of Party Candidates.’


3.    All ‘Candidates of Recognized Parties Must Be PRE-REGISTERED at least 12 months

with Election Commission’ and Top 300 Candidates as Merit List should be Listed with Election Commission. This Shall Ensure ’12 Month Social Service’ in Constituency.


4.    Restrict TERMS of Service at State and Central level to 2 Times each and One Time

each as Minister or Minister Level Rank.

5.    A Loser of Election may be ‘Appointed to a Lower Position but no not Any Higher

Rank’ i.e. A loser of Lok Sabha election shall not be Governor or Chief Minister.


6.    A loser in any Political Election should be barred from Contesting Elections for 4.5

Years or Next Scheduled Election for the same Constituency in case of Early Dissolution of the Assembly or Parliament.


7.    Ex Ministers should give Full List of ‘Projects Approved, Licenses & Resources

Allocated With Terms and Their Present Status and CAG observations.’ Provide full details of Top 20 Projects in Value.




8.    Retired Chief Justice of should Head an Independent ‘POLITICAL ACCOUNTABILITY

COMMISSION’ with 5 Member Supreme Court or High Court Judges that is to ‘Ensure That Party Leaders and Members Have Desired Integrity & Skills to Deliver on Promises as Per Directive Principles in The Constitution of India.’ Frame Ethics Rules & Guidelines for Political Parties to observe.


9.    Political Accountability Commission should ‘Do Every Imaginable Duty to Ensure

Parties & Candidates ADOPT Ethical Practices and Be Truthful and Support all their Claims based on Authentic or CAG Certified Data.’ Political Accountability Commission be assisted by ‘Ex DG of CAG for Investigation of Urgent Complaints’.


10.           For example Direct EC to announce Results within 24 hour of Polling in case of

states with less area and population with well connected Roads and 48 hours in other cases.


11.           Frame Rules and Codes for EC to enforce and Political Parties to adopt.


12.           Hold Regular Public Consultation.  


Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471, 9718280435, 9650421857

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

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