ALT Balaji is online app:NextGen

ALT Balaji is online App  is entertainment at nextGen  level   with growing smart phone in the country which are fastest and top on chart of smart phone users. Brand  Balaji to put content for people to enjoy nearly three doz serial in the newly oriented channel in Hindi and other regional languages but not in English for an audience growing on internet and Smart phone next-level  online channel to be in vogue for next gen and demographic is key. Balaji taking giant step with its brand in TV serials is good news.

Balaji step is to make their brand  along with leading entertainment channel is seen an intelligent move in business sector .Press briefing with lot of fanfare is organised today 13 th April 2017 with most of TV Star cast working in these online serials were present.

Ekta Kapoor household name  an envious for many of her competitors for her eve- oriented serial which are watched with immense interest by eve folk at Super time which has made dinner the lonely one among men folks.  Ekta is discussed with  lot of praise among women due to her serials carrying various  emotions , pertaining in family, business strategy . Ekta name being popular in serial and abundantly the leader in this serial format of entertainment has initiated next level audience which are in hybrid state but account 40 percent of 1.25 billions thus massive pathways for entertainment. Men mostly complaint eve dominating to enjoy her soap operas thus a need of another TV in every home made TV market bloom.

The Content of Ekta serial s are mostly debatable but with vast canvass presently with masses and classes the serial online give her action for benefiting age groups of 10yr to 90 yrs thus  give her baton to in phony actions.

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