Sonam Kapoor: Dear Sagar Media Inc, I’ve been called ‘naachne-wali’, ‘bimbo’ on Twitter.

Dear Sagar Media Inc,

I’ve been called ‘naachne-wali’, ‘bimbo’ on Twitter. I’ve been called names and slurs not worth repeating.

Trolls are sexist, judgmental and violent. They want to threaten and intimidate women with opinions into silence.

Chinmayi, a playback singer in Bollywood received rape threats on Twitter for voicing her opinion. She started this petition asking Twitter to ban accounts that tweet rape threats.

Sign her petition and join 1.7 lakh people who are fighting to make Twitter a safe space from trolls.

Why should women be scared of sharing their opinions? 

The Hindustan Times is running a campaign against online trolling #LetsTalkAboutTrolls.

Today, thousands of Indians will observe anti-trolling day as part of this campaign. Join them!

Download this picture and make it your display picture on Facebook and Twitter. Show the world that you will not support abusive trolling.

I will also change my display picture to show my followers that I support their freedom of speech.

There are lakhs and lakhs of anonymous online abusers. We need to show them that they are outnumbered by thoughtful, supportive voices.

Sign Chinmayi’s petition and change your display picture to join the anti-troll movement.

Thank you for taking a stand against online abuse!

Sonam Kapoor

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