PM on the Mann Ki Baat programme,

PM about the Mann Ki Baat programme, Mr Modi said, Government makes detailed analysis of the inputs received for the programme. He said, maximum number of people who have sent suggestions for the programme have done something in their life. He also thanked the people for giving suggestions.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, is not only limited to the confines of India but also it applies to the global context too. In his 31st edition of Mann Ki Baat programme in All India Radio, Mr Modi said neighbouring countries be with India in its journey and they may develop equally.

The Prime minister said, on coming Friday, India will launch the South Asia Satellite which will go a long way in addressing South Asia’s economic and developmental priorities, Natural resources mapping, tele medicine, in the field of education, deeper IT connectivity and fostering people to people contact. He said, this satellite will prove to be a boon in the progress of the entire region. It is an important step by India to enhance co-operation with the entire South Asia as it is an invaluable gift.
Speaking on getting rid of VIP hegemony, Mr Modi said, the exit of the red beacon through a government decision is part of a system and efforts should be to cleanse it out of the minds. He said, if people collectively strive to do it with eternal vigilance, it surely can be flushed out.

The Prime Minister said, the concept of New India precisely is that in place of Very Important Person, VIP, more priority should be accorded to EPI that is Every Person is important. He said, every person has his or her own importance and every person possesses a sagacious aura, in a unique manner.

Prime minister stressed to warmly accept the importance of a hundred and twenty five crore countrymen.
Appealing to the youth, Mr Modi asked them do something out of the box. He said, they must try new places, new experiences and new skills. The Prime Minister urged them to try to experience and satiate the curiosity on any subject during the summer vacation.

He said, dreams of big achievements in life is a good thing and it is good to have some purpose in life. He said, the youth must achieve their goals but they also self-evaluate whether the human element within themselves is getting frustrated, and they are we not moving away from the human qualities.

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