Delhi High Court quashes false FIR against Delhi Cantt MLA


  • Delhi Police had falsely alleged in 2015 that the MLA had assaulted a NDMC employee

Hon’ble Delhi High Court has quashed the FIR, which was wrongly registered by the Delhi Police in August 2015 solely with the motive of implicating Delhi Cantt MLA Commando Surinder Singh on the false allegation that he had assaulted a NDMC employee and had abused him.

Given below is the link of the High Court order :

Not only was this false FIR registered against Commando Surinder, but Delhi Police had gone ahead and even arrested him.

Aam Aadmi Party has consistently stated that the Delhi Police, under political pressure implicated elected MLAs to defame them and the party.

Quashing of the FIR by the hon’ble High Court is another tight slap on the face of Delhi Police, which should now learn a lesson and desist from troubling elected MLAs

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