India-Cyprus sign four MoUs

Naresh Kumar Sagar
In order to develop more trade and prosperity of economy, India and Cyprus recently has signed four agreements including memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation in Executive Programme on Culture, Education and Scientific Cooperation for 2017-2020; Work Plan under programme of Cooperation in Agriculture for 2017-2018, Merchant Shipping Agreement and Air Aviation Agreement.

India and Cyprus recently signed four MoUs to further strengthen the relations between the two countries. This meeting was yet another stepping stone in the countries’ common history and has provided an opportunity to take stock of bilateral relations and explore concrete ways in which to take these relations forward, by identifying specific areas to work together to modernize the relationship and amplify the benefits for both sides.

The agreements the two countries signed furthered enhance the long-standing relations between India and Cyprus, and add to the extensive existing legal framework, which included 16 bilateral agreements and memoranda of understanding. The two countries stand ready to explore enhanced cooperation in fields such as renewable energy, solar energy, information technology, and innovation where India is a pioneer.

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