Naidu:India at threshhold of digital broadcasting

TRAI Seminar at Ashoka on 20 Glorious Years TRAI

Information and Broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has said that Indian broadcasting is at threshold of entering into a new era of digital broadcasting largely driven by digitization and Internet usage. He was speaking at a seminar on Digital Broadcasting in India on the occasion of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, TRAI’s anniversary in New Delhi today.

Mr Naidu said, consumers are now experiencing benefits of digital services as the government has completed digitization of Cable TV networks.

The Minister said, Good and Services Tax, GST will be a game changer for the sector. He said, broadcasting is a sunrising sector and time has come to ensure the availability of indigenous products in it.

Talking about Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat programme, Mr Naidu said, it has revived Radio broadcasting in the country. He expressed concern over sensationalism in media saying it has become order of the day. He said, it has put the credibility of communicators on stake.

Congratulating TRAI on completing 20 yrs, Mr Naidu said, it has contributed to growth of telecom and broadcasting while ensuring consumer protection and fair play. He said, regulation is needed for better implementation but it should not be strangulation for growth.

On the occasion, Mr Naidu also released the Bi-decadal report on TRAI’s achievements.

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