Dear Sagar Media Inc, Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Sagar Media Inc,

Happy Mother’s Day!

I work at and I’m the mother of a 2-year-old. I wanted to share two campaigns started by a couple of incredible mothers.

Priyanka Gupta is a single mother. Her daughter was forced to use the name of the father who abandoned her when she applied for a passport.

Priyanka started a petition to help her daughter get a passport with just her name on it. Not only did she win, but her campaign ensured that passport rules were simplified to accommodate single parents across India.

Like Priyanka, Subarna is also fighting for mothers’ rights. She was misled into having an unnecessary Caesarean section. She suffered a long and painful recovery because of that surgery.

Subarna wants to make sure that no other mother is manipulated. She started a petition against the commercialisation of Caesarean sections.

Sagar Media Inc, this mother’s day, sign Subarna’s petition and help her make a difference to the lives of millions of expecting mothers.

Priyanka and Subarna could not have fought their battles alone. I want to thank you for supporting these amazing women.

Keep empowering!

Nida Hasan, Campaigns,

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