Shri Ram Madhavji: On State and Centre


Mr Ram Madhav jee speaks at NMML on India Paramountcy – Union. We have seen that most of Indian Royal states agreed to be part of the  Union in 1947 when India gained independence. The  state and center  relation have evolved from that moments and strong centre makes the states and centre relation more strong for the each to grow in its own pace.

Civilization is important to India which helps to keep us  as one nation but distance is not regionalism which are fading now. Unlike US Russia use force fiscal matters to remain united but in India the Unity in diversity is way of life.

Congress was a wider platform which included, Hindu Mahasabha, Muslim league the Malviya, and  Maulana Azad and others in Congress to achieve freedom. Gandhi asked on 27 Jan 1948 asked Congress to disband and form Lok welfare forum . Congress being popular formed a political party, and  Congress alternative was absent, the  Left lacked India  genes thus genetically was little visible in Universities and some states where they made some impression. For two decades Congress gathered massive support and few smaller parties emerged and sank.

We formed Gov in Assam and in  Manipur  where Congress enjoyed more percent.

Now it is the time, India in true sense has evoled in voting pattern . We formed genuinely bipartisan party system. Regional parties are not easy and has to contest with other regional fragmentation.

People now has risen over caste, creed and religion which is self explanatory from the results of Bihar and U P Election results. People are matured and evolved and has different robust image of their leaders. Leaders only who can deliver and bring development change are masses looking for at national scene.

Image may contain: living room, table and indoor

People looking for clean governance and their aspirations. Indian electorate has matured. We were 17% literate in 1947 but now  we are nearly 80% literacy, thus  states have evolve politically. We are looking towards 7th Schedule give power to  to village panchayat which is imminent  and states are not well prepared but fiscal sovereignty is given at first stage. Remoteness is problem but  Oneness and unity exist across nation.



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