FCRA department system failure

Again FCRA department has displayed its internal confusion of system failure
and as usual putting onus on the registered organisations to fill the gap.
As per the law, till 2015-16, it was not mandatory to file online returns
and most of the organisations were either submitting hard copies or both. In
2012, department had hired data operators to upload the returns. But now it
seems that data is messed up. So, a circular along with a list has come up
on the website. Very generously, the department has given us final
opportunity to upload missing returns within one month, i.e., from May 15 to
June 14, 2017.  The period permitted in FY 2010-11 to FY 2014-2015. This
relaxation is not available for FY 2015-2016.

Unfortunately, the burden of compliance of FCRA is on registered
organisations whereas the department has no obligation and accountability.
Please check the list and do the needful if any of your returns are missing.
I will also request you to share this information with your partners and

Warm regard

Harsh Jaitli
Chief Executive Officer
Voluntary Action Network India (VANI)
BB-5, Ist Floor, Greater Kailash Enclave-II
New Delhi 110 048
Phone: 011-29228127, 29226632, Telefax: 41435535
Email: harsh@vaniindia.org; Website: www.vaniindia.org

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