Age of Anger: A History of the Present

 India International Centre

Cordially invite you to a Book Discussion Programme


Age of Anger: A History of the Present


Pankaj Mishra

(New Delhi: Juggernaut, 2017)


Wednesday, 24th May, 2017, at 6:30 pm


Why do young men and women from the West join an extremist organization like ISIS? Why are we seeing the rise of aggressive right-wing politics in countries such as India, Turkey and USA, the expansion of Islamist terror, massacres in Western metropolises, wars in the Middle East? And in what way is the politics of anger and violence connected?

In this outstanding book, Pankaj Mishra argues that the roots of our age of anger lie in the great economic and political revolutions of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries – their promise of freedom, equality and dignity through growth, industrialization and nation building- and the traumatic social and political changes they paved in their way. It is from among the ranks of the uprooted that the militants of the nineteenth century arose- angry young men who became cultural nationalists in Germany, revolutionaries in Russia, chauvinists in Italy and anarchist terrorists in France and Spain. And it is in examining their fears, resentments and hatreds that we can truly understand our own age.

Boldly argued, breathtaking in its intellectual range, and with a canvas that stretches from Savarkar in India to Rousseau in France.

Discussants are:

Dr. Ashis Nandy, Sociologist & fellow CSDS will Chair the program and the panel consisting of Prof. Niraja Gopal Jayal, Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, JNU; Prof. Peter DeSouza, CSDS; Prof. Zoya Hasan, Professor Emeritus, Centre for Political Studies, School of Social Sciences, JNU and Dr. Ananya Vajpeyi, CSDS; will discuss the book.

Venue: Conference Room No. 1

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