Ganga Cleaning, Smart city, Bullet train, Make in India, Skill development are languishing .

Dear Rajivji
You have sent latent signal to government to rise awake but matters in public domain are weak. Ganga Cleaning, Smart city, Bullet train, Make in India, Skill development are languishing . Very soon the opposition shall huddle together to exhibit their best eloquence on the above mentioned subject to bring the PM jibe on the floors of houses with sarcasm.

Railway unable to give any speed but making loss. Rail Prabhu fervently initiate new train.

VIP constituency, Varanasi languishes.

Rampant corruption at lower level, with growing the website complaints.

Channels and most of the  media say, PM’s, Eco adviser not ready to take outsiders suggestion.  Just laugh at all?  Government the insiders glow with their institutional diction but fail to reach last mile needy.

Former PM Rajiv and Dr M M Singh accepted in public.

Modi and Yogi appears on papers assets, Rajiv Gandhi too with massive majority recognized experts, professional in glare of public. The experts worked for his development  work,  PM Modi , has the experts list of  Adani and Mukesh further downtown is absent.

PM ‘s experts Amitabh andCo., are good in talking but nation needs its deep down further experts along with foreign expert, duo Indian and foreigners need to  work in tandem.

But we or a Govt is completely parasite on FDI.

Skill education needs drastic change in India ,skill ,teacher, we are the best next reach   all world over.We can take lead in world but govt slow in taking decisions  thus loss of time.

Great talented France in bad shape, Germany blends MSME with big industry, so do the Chinese thus they stay healthy,

We are depending on Big Group , Amazon, Panasonic, Toyota,  Mercedes big name whereas  employ frugal part and then they shed employment  with technology. MSME employ largest number with greater skill, magic wand gets into fantastic magic.  Skill Minister unable to deliver,  he needs constant  coordinating along with corporate giants along  with trade unions and  association of various sectors  in mood of collaborative actions. To create high skills with K s of experts Minister need to scouting in his office but alas the skill home for millions deserted and  holding no conference, to tell media the skill injected in growth.

So your  write up matches the government has its good will across nation or world over in which we all experts in our field need to make it full, With great regards and wish we all continue to tread path of glory with sincerity  with smaller steps

Hence You are absolutely  strike the mark.

The Gla ss is More Than Half-Full

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