Satyendar Jain files criminal defamation complaints against Kapil Mishra & Manjinder Sirsa


Delhi minister Satyendar Jain has filed separate criminal defamation complaints in the court of Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Tees Hazaari, against Kapil Mishra and BJP MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa.

(Find attached a copy of the two defamation complaints filed in the court).

Details of the defamation complaints filed under various provisions of the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure are as follows :

1)      On 7th May 2017, Kapil Mishra made a blatantly false, misleading, baseless and a defamatory statement before the media that the complainant (Satyendar Jain) had handed over Rs two crore to the Chief Minister on 5th May at his residence.

Mishra did not stop here and went on to malafidely link the complainant with completely false allegations about some fictitious deals.

These statements were repeatedly telecast and printed by national media on all platforms – electronic, print and social – which has caused immense damage to the complainant and his family. Further, such statements were carried by the media without making an attempt to even verify the completely false and libellious allegations.

2)      BJP MLA from Rajouri Gardan, Manjinder Singh Sirsa and other accused : On 9th May, Sirsa in a media conference made a false and libellious statement which was published by a Hindi newspaper, that the complainant allegedly indulged in circulation of illegitimate money.

Such statements without any basis have been put in public domain to damage the reputation of the complainant and has become a habit of the accused to make and circulate such falsehoods.

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