“Stale allegations repeated by Mishra; central investigating agencies have found nothing”

Arnind Kaejriwal lives in fantasy he is unable to bring any answer to questions leveled by the former Delhi minister Kapil Mishra today in his press conference and showed the figment of imagination of AAP leaders but in true sense these so called self style leaders are on the path of fooling all people by the counter press conferences. AAP leaders continuous allegation of Kapil Mishra BJP men does not hold any substance to fiscal misconduct and irregularity in the party. AK who still project himself holier than cow is in fix and legal action soon shall follow this reciter of truth who has never been close to any sort of truth. Thus the AAP release to media this point of view.
  • BJP is using Kapil Mishra to malign AAP through stale allegations
  • Central agencies have been investigating AAP for 2 years and have found nothing
The allegations leveled by Kapil Mishra against Aam Aadmi Party’s funding have turned out to be stale. The allegation of accepting a Rs 2 crore donation from a single source is the same one that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had referred to two years ago during the Delhi Assembly election campaign. Union Ministers N Sitharaman and Arun Jaitley too have made similar accusations over the same Rs 2 crore donations over the past two years.
The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister claimed to have evidence at that time about this alleged wrongdoing, but the fact that not a single central agency has been able to initiate action against AAP in the case is testimony to the fact that it was nothing more than an attempt to malign and defame the image of the AAP and Arvind Kejriwal. The ACB, CBI, ED, I-T and Delhi Police have hounded AAP for the past two years trying to find a single piece of evidence against the party, but nothing has been found yet.
During a press conference addressed by senior leader and national spokesperson of the party Sanjay Singh, he said, “All rules and regulations in place governing the acceptance of funds for a political party have been complied with and followed strictly by Aam Aadmi Party. No laws have been violated by the party. Donations being alleged to be illegal have been received via a bank transaction, and not through cash. It was declared income that the party received through legitimate means.”
“If the BJP believes that this particular donation was received illegally, why doesn’t it ask any of its agencies to take suitable action against AAP? If the Delhi Police can reach Somnath Bharti’s pet dog during an investigation, surely these agencies can conduct a probe and punish whoever is guilty? The fact that nothing has been found yet is proof that this entire episode is a witch hunt to persecute and harass an opposition party.” 
“Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has reported that the BJP and Congress have accepted several thousand crore rupees from unknown sources over the last few years. Where has this money come from? Has it come from large corporations, or is it black money? Is the BJP accepting funds from foreign companies? They have never answered these questions and have never faced any action.
Both Congress and  BJP have been indicted and found guilty by the Delhi High Court in March 2014 of illegally receiving foreign funds. The Court had indicted both parties and directed the Election Commission and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to take appropriate action against the two within 6 months for receiving illegal foreign funding from Vedanta subsidiaries. More than a year later, in June 2015, the Election Commission wrote to the MHA pushing for action against the two parties. After a contempt case was filed against the Government for failing to comply with the Court’s decision, the Delhi HC has sought a response from the BJP Government over its non-compliance, and has asked why contempt proceedings should not be initiated against the Government. 
The BJP Government attempted to retrospectively amend the FCRA so as to overturn the Delhi HC’s decision against the BJP and the Congress in December, 2016. The FCRA was amended through the backdoor by introducing it as a Money Bill by the BJP last year, shielding it from a Rajya Sabha veto. The amendment changed the meaning of “foreign sources” in a manner that would legalize the donations made by Vedanta to both parties.

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