India to invest in Africa

Prime Minister Modi said he will work with Japan to speed up investment in infrastructure and human resources development in Africa.

PM Mr Modi had inaugurated the 52nd Annual Meeting of African Development Bank (AfDB) at Gadhinagar in Gujarat yesterday. Prime Minister highlighted the strong ties between India and Africa and the infinite avenues of cooperation. He spoke on India-Africa links be it in energy, culture, education, IT and other areas which illustrate our dynamic and vibrant relationship.

Mr Modi also shared insights of how Government of India’s reform to transform approach is bringing desired results and positively impacting lives. Mr Modi said he had productive meetings with distinguished leaders who had joined the annual meetings.

Narendra Modi was speaking in the western state of Gujarat on Tuesday at the annual meeting of the African Development Bank.

Nearly about 3,000 financial representatives are attending from 54 African countries and other nations.

Modi said he has made Africa a top priority of India’s foreign and economic policy since taking office 3 years ago.

Many  businesses and immigrants have been successful in Africa. Some Japanese firms are trying to enter the market using Indian networks, while Indian firms hope to take in Japan’s technology.

The Japanese government last year unveiled a plan to invest about 3 trillion yen, or about 27 billion dollars, in Africa over the next 3 years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that strengthening relations with Africa has been a priority of NDA Government and his Government have achieved remarkable progress in it.

In a series of tweets yesterday, Prime Minister said, India-Africa economic ties are getting better and this is not confined to governments only, but the role of the private sector is also noteworthy.

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