English Language Assistants programme in France:


The Embassy of France and Institut français India are proud to announce this year’s

English Language Assistants programme in France:

79 Indian students selected for the academic year

October 2017 – May 2018

New Delhi, 08 June 2017

The French Embassy in India is happy to send 79 young Indian students to France, from October 2017 to May 2018, under the English Language Assistants programme supported and financed by the French Ministry of Education.

The worldwide assistants programme gives the opportunity to 6500 students from 60 different countries to spend one academic year in a school abroad. This programme was launched 20 years ago between France and India. In the framework of their bilateral cooperation in education, France and India have agreed to support the mobility of students, encouraging the internationalisation of their higher education training courses.

The 79 Indian students taking part in the teaching experience in France have been selected on the basis of their outstanding level of both French and English languages. They will be assisting English language teachers in primary, secondary and higher-secondary schools in France, by offering them a rich and dynamic understanding of a foreign language throughout the whole academic year. They will help develop links between French and Indian schools, teachers and students. They will also discover a new country, a new culture, while sharing their own culture with their students.


Students will gather In Delhi for an Information and Training Day led by the French Institute in India on 17 September 2017. They will also leave to France that evening.

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