Kalyan Jewellers announces the winners of global Campaign “Shop & Win 30 Audi A3”



Raffle draw winners include 15 from India, 8 from UAE, 4 from Qatar and 3 from Kuwait


New Delhi, June 23, 2017:  Kalyan Jewellers, India’s trusted and leading jewellery brands has announced the 30 winners of the “Shop & Win 30 Audi A3” global campaign. Each of the 30 lucky winners will be getting an Audi A3 Car from Kalyan Jewellers. The winners were chosen through raffle draws held in India, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. As mentioned during the initial campaign announcement in April, of the 30 selected winners, 15 were from India, 8 from UAE, 4 from Qatar and 3 from Kuwait. The cars keys will be handed over in the coming weeks after the formalities are completed.

The winners were overjoyed when the company informed them about their win. Ms Deva Kumari from Telangana said she was ecstatic about it and commented, “I am elated by this amazing news. I still cannot believe I have won the draw and I will own the Audi A3. This is truly incredible and I would to extend my gratitude to the whole team at Kalyan Jewellers for making my shopping experience an unforgettable one with this awesome win. I will for sure be going back to the showrooms.”

Mr Abdul Bare Abdul, our lucky winner from Kuwait expressed his happiness and remarked, “This is truly amazing an experience for me. I truly feel one can’t get luckier than this. I mean who doesn’t love cars and that too winning a car as desirable as an Audi A3 is truly a dream come true. I can’t wait to drive the car and would like to thank Kalyan Jewellers for this amazing experience of a lifetime.”

Mr Ramesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director, Kalyan Jewellers said, ‘’I would like to congratulate the all the lucky winners. At Kalyan our endeavor has been to enable our customers to extract value from their purchase while providing a great shopping experience. I am delighted that we could play a small part in helping our customers realizing their dreams.’’

The Kalyan Jewellers global campaign was launched on April 10, 2017 and culminated on June 9, 2017 in India, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar. The campaign marks the single largest offer of free Audi A3s in a raffle draw in India and GCC. Customers participated in the promotion by making a minimum purchase across Kalyan Jewellers showrooms in their respective countries. The 15 winners from UAE, Qatar and Kuwait were selected earlier this month on June 13th, 14th and 15th. The list of winners is as follows.



Sr. No. Name (As In Invoice) Country/City Coupon No
1 Alex Kuruvilla Dubai 630301
2 Ahmed Sulthan Dubai 546120
3 Joshua Samuel Dubai 580949
4 Bernard Aguila Dubai 701570
5 Sheshadri PS Qatar 139330
6 Jeevitha Saravanan Qatar 312317
7 Ashraf T Qatar 132837
8 Huda Elkahlout Qatar 215156
9 Mohaned Ameen Sharjah 757101
10 Leah Shanley Sharjah 779021
11 Ajitha VC Abu Dhabi 330280
12 Suresh Kumar Abu Dhabi 112379
13 Abdul Bare Abdul Kuwait 79929
14 Shaik Khadar Basita Kuwait 15808
15 Azhagarasan R Kuwait 45469
16 Rajeev S Kudale Belgaum 2213807
17 S Nandini Delhi 102948
18 Vijay Kumar Kolkata 1235748
19 Suguna V Visakhapatnam 1958241
20 Sindhu Sharan Hyderabad 1351096
21 Shyam B P Kannur 3453878
22 Dhanya Kodungallur 4064542
23 Rajesh Bikundia Jodhpur 1123834
24 Gurjeet Kaur Chhabra Jalandhar 1015223
25 Bhavika Dipak Rajput Surat 466963
26 Naval Kishore Navi Mumbai 652275
27 G Narayanappa Bangalore 2380120
28 Drisavy Bandita Bisoyi Bhubaneswar 839072
29 Subimol Ranni 4179845
30 Deepak Chatterjee Kolkata 1299685


About Kalyan Jewellers

Headquartered in Thrissur in the state of Kerala, Kalyan Jewellers is one of the largest jewellery manufacturers and distributors in India. The company draws from its strong roots of over a century in the business of textile trading, distribution and wholesaling. Starting with the first jewellery showroom in 1993, Kalyan Jewellers has enjoyed a long-standing presence in the Indian market for over two decades.  It has set industry benchmarks in quality, transparency, pricing and innovation.

Kalyan offers an array of traditional and contemporary jewellery designs in gold, diamonds and precious stones catering to the distinct needs of the customers. Kalyan Jewellers has grown to 105 showrooms across India and West Asia.

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