Parthiv Patel opens a Pandora’s Box of little secrets on What the Duck 2



Catch the journey of the keeper only on Viu’s What the Duck 2


Mumbai, June 23, 2017: From being the baby-faced wicket-keeper who debuted for India back in 2002, Parthiv Patel has indeed come a long way. He played with the side in the 2003 World Cup, waited eight years to make a glorifying comeback to the national fold and has now led Gujarat to their maiden Ranji Trophy win beating Mumbai this season. Get to know more about him as he takes to the pitch as the next guest on What the Duck 2. The cricket-comedy chat show that brings forth the gabby side of the cricketers available only on video-on-demand service Viu.


One of India’s most promising wicket-keeper batsman, Parthiv Patel who is often regarded as the chatter box of the Indian cricket team confesses on being a fidgety person. He chuckles and goes on to say how he needs to keep doing something or the other, to keep himself occupied. A red-faced Patel explains how it becomes worse for him when someone asks him not to do a particular thing; which compels him to do that exact thing. Adding on, he says, “So, that is why I never sit beside the emergency seat. I am always so compelled to open and see what happens. That is why when the air hostess asks me, ‘Are you ready to help?”. I say, “No, please change my seat.”


Parthiv reminisces about his debut during the India Pakistan tour in 2004. He talks about the moment when he was sleeping and suddenly former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly asked him to open for the 3rd innings. He was so both surprised and ecstatic but agreed to play on one condition that Sehwag would take that strike. At that time Sehwag, who was on a rather good form said, “Dekh mera form aacha chal raha hai, main tere liye lunga strike warna main generally first ball pe out hojata hu jab main strike leta hu” (See, currently I am in good form right now, I will take the strike for you, although generally, I get out on the first ball whenever I take the strike). Parthiv says that while Shoaib was bowling he kept praying that, ‘hey bhagwan out mat hona warna mere pe aajayega sab’, (Oh God! Please don’t get out or else I will be in trouble) but as luck would have it Sehwag was bowled out in the first ball. However, Patel says that after Rahul came, they shared a partnership of 129 runs which was the most memorable moment of his life.


Patel gloats on Dhoni by saying that he changed the face of wicket keeping in India, raising the benchmark while also making sure that the keepers had an equal opportunity for batting. It was the love of the game that kept Parthiv going and the realization that he has to buckle up and improve his game. Later when he got Gujarat its maiden win against 3-time winner Mumbai in Ranji trophy he came out as a winner.


The chatterbox talks about his big mouth tales with the Aussies. He throws light on the Steve Waugh incident and even mentions that how his family asked him not to stand behind Hayden during his matches because of his height. From observing everyone in the dressing room and Laxman teaching him the subtle art of observing people without making it obvious to getting ice creams for all the seniors, Parthiv has been there throughout. He mockingly also comments how routine is a euphemism for superstitions in the dressing room and talks about his own superstitions.

From his sledging stories to his love for everything Gujju, Parthiv definitely shows a new humorous side to his usual self. Catch all the balls of laughter from this episode of What the Duck 2. All you need to do is turn to your mobile and download the Viu app on Android or iOS.


About What The Duck:

What The Duck is a cricket comedy chat show hosted by Vikram Sathaye on the digital platform Viu. Launched alongside the Viu app in 2016, Season One of the show was a swashbuckling success with participating cricketers such as Zaheer Khan and Virender Sehwag launching the property. What The Duck also inspired Viru Ke Funde, a Viu property which established Virender Sehwag as a social media celebrity. Participating in Season Two of the show are Shikhar Dhawan, Ravichandran Ashwin, Rohit Sharma, Sir Vivian Richards, Cheteshwar Pujara, KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya, Parthiv Patel, Kapil Dev and Ajinkya Rahane among others. To Viu What The Duck 2, download the app.

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