7th National Conference on Scientific Updates on Zoonotic Diseases Control

7th National Conference on Scientific Updates on Zoonotic Diseases Control at AIIMS New Delhi on 6th July 2017

Venue:  Dr Ramalingamswami Board Room AIIMS New Delhi

Organisers: Millennium India Education Foundation  AND 

                      Division of Clinical Microbiology & Molecular Medicine AIIMS

Dear Colleagues/Friends 

why important to attend:  

Conference would discuss about how to diagnose early,treat effectively, manage and follow preventive guidelines on some of the animal diseases(pets,wild,birds,domestic etc) which are knocking at our doors to cross thier primary host barriers and infect human beings.

It is well established scientifically established that almost 70% of human infections are traced to animals as primary hosts.



This conference will mainly focus on multi-disciplinary collaboration for promoting animal and human health and will provide a common platform for veterinary, medical and environmental professionals where they can interact  with  each  other  and  share  their  experiences  in  preventing  the  spread  of Zoonotic diseases.




Please be informed that the venue can accommodate only up to 100-120 delegates and which will be filled on first cum first serve basis. 


Some of the key areas to be covered in this conference are:


  1. All About Zika diagnosis by Prof. of Medicine Dr Kamlesh Upadhyay B J Medical college Ahmadabad Gujarat where first case of Zika in India has been diagnosed.


  1. Preventing Rabies by using Rabies Immunoglobulins directly in the wound bitten by suspected rabid animal  by epidemiologist Dr Omesh Bharati Himachal Pradesh Health services Shimla HP


  1. Biotechnological approach to prevent zoonotic diseases by Dr Lal Krishna Former Animal Husbandry commissioner Govt.of India & Chief Consultant Dept.of Biotechnology Govt.of India


  1.   Zoonotic diseases on North India Watch List by Dr P K Uppal ,the first Indian scientist who isolated NIPPAH virus in Malaysian outbreak in 1998.


  1. Sea Food (Aquatic-Fish) and wild animal zoonosis by Dr Jyoti Misri ICAR
  1. Need to Study Economic Impact of zoonotic diseases in human by Dr Uday Kakroo convenor conference and Director Millennium India Education Foundation New Delhi


Yours Sincerely,


Dr Uday Kakroo                                                                 Dr Sarman Singh

Convenor                                                                       Organising Chairman

Director MIEF                                                   HOD of Clinical Microbiology &                                                                                   Molecular Medicine AIIMS

Ph 9810301261                                                                        Ph 9810813435

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