The modern and simple new UNIC website is live;


The modern and simple new UNIC website is live; Incorporating dynamism and accessibility to all  




The United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan (UNIC) launched its new website today. The website with a fresh look and a contemporary design, offers information on activities conducted by the Centre and campaigns of the United Nations. With more dynamic data and structured content, the website hopes to be an interactive gateway to promote the work of the United Nations in India and Bhutan.


“The website is simple, easy to use yet modern and well designed to appeal to the young and old alike. It captures the elements of a dynamic website like videos, images, social media interactivity, and at the same time has distinct navigation. We have tried to keep it light to ensure it can operate with high and low bandwidth internet speed,” said Derk Segaar, Director, UNIC.


Most importantly, the website has been built according to the UN guidelines on accessibility that enable websites to be disabled friendly. Accessibility tools like font scalability, screen reading will be operational soon. The website intends to be multilingual and the content will be soon translated into Hindi and other languages. The carousels have been designed so that the users can experience the content at a speed suitable to them.  The website can be viewed at


website screenshot


For further details, contact: Shachi Chaturvedi, Public Information Assistant, UNIC at






National Information Officer

United Nations Information Centre

for India and Bhutan

55, Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110003

Tel: 91 11 46532237

M: 9810606833

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