PM’s itinerary in Tel Aviv today


PM Modi’s itinerary in Tel Aviv today.

The PM will hold a working meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

From the President’s Residence, he will head back to the King David Hotel for another working meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu. After the two leaders have lunch together, they will attend a ceremony during which a series of bilateral agreements will be signed, and deliver statements to the press.

In the afternoon, PM Modi is set to meet opposition leader Isaac Herzog and members of the Indian community.

PM Modi  will then head to the Israel Museum, where together with Netanyahu he will walk through the Synagogue Route and gaze at a reconstruction of the Kadavumbagam synagogue from the town of Cochin in southern India. The 16th-century wooden structure has “an exquisitely carved and painted ceiling directly influenced by the decorations of mosques and Hindu temples,” according to the Israel Museum.

On Wednesday evening, at around 8 (5:30 pm IST), the two prime ministers will address a major rally at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, which is expected to draw some 4,000 participants.

Before the two leaders make their speeches, the crowd will be entertained by a cultural program, including a performance by popular Bollywood playback singer Sukhwinder Singh.

In Tel Aviv, Modi will also meet with diamond merchants from Gujarat. About 12,000 non-Jewish Indian nationals currently live and work in Israel, as well as some 80,000 Israeli Jews with at least one parent of Indian origin. Only 5,000 Jews remain in India today.

In Tel Aviv, Modi is also scheduled to meet Moshe Holtzberg, the now 12-year-old son of two Chabad emissaries, Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg, who were killed in a November 2008 terror attack in Mumbai. He is also expected to meet with Sandra Samuel, Moshe’s nanny at the time, who rescued the boy on the day of the attack. — The Times of Israel.

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