Kissan of Haryana  15 demands


IMG-20170707-WA0013 (1)The farmers of Haryana are facing acute distress because of the anti-farmer policies of the State and Union governments. To highlight the woes of the farmers in the state we have organized Kisan Panchayats at Kurukshetra, Rewari, Sirsa and Sonipat, which has been attended by farmers from all sections of the society.

Kissan of Haryana  15 demands:

  1. Recommendations made by the Swaminathan Commission be accepted, farmers should be guaranteed 50% profits, over the cost of production.
  2. In light of the loan waiver announced by the governments in Uttar Pradesh & Maharashtra, the government should announce a farm loan waiver for the farmers of Haryana.
  3. The support price for sugarcane should be linked to the price of sugar in the same ratio as 2013-14. The support price for sugarcane should be raised to Rs 400 per quintal.
  4. Crude oil prices have come down by more than half since 2014 but there has been no reduction in the price of diesel and fertilizers. The price of diesel and fertilizers should be brought down so that the farmer benefits from the reduction in international crude prices.
  5. MSP for Poplar plants should be fixed at Rs 1200 per quintal, as during the time of the Congress government, vegetables and other farm produce should also be brought under MSP.
  6. Farmers should be given the option of opting in or out of the Kisan Fasal Beema Yojna. A compensation of Rs 25,000 per acre should be paid to farmers if they opt of the scheme.
  7. Immediate steps should be taken to restore exports of Pusa 1121 and 1509 varieties of Basmati paddy so that paddy farmers in the state get the same rates they did when the Congress govt was in power.
  8.  The Land Acquisition Policy of the UPA government should be introduced with immediate effect so that farmers are able to get fair and just compensation for their land.
  9. The government should start the Dhartiputra Health Insurance Scheme for the welfare of farmers and landless labourers.
  10. Farmers and villages should get complete electricity supply. The state government should take back electricity surrendered as ‘surplus,’ all thermal power plants in the state should work at full capacity.
  11. The government should start the construction of SYL canal, in line with the judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, ensuring adequate water to all farmers in the state.
  12. Conditions placed by the government on the purchase of Sunflower, Bajra, Mustard and Maize should be removed immediately, the government should buy the entire produce from the farmer.
  13. The purchase of farm produce below the MSP should be made a legally punishable offence.
  14. BPL families should be given free electricity and water.
  15. The government had announced an unemployment allowance of Rs 9,000 per youth. The government should either provide jobs to youth or provide them unemployment allowance, in line with their pre-poll promise.

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