France celebrates Bastille Day

In the course of the two-day Bastille Day festivities, 368 people had been arrested, French officials said, adding that the number indicates a decrease compared to last year’s detentions. However, the number of burnt vehicles has spiked. The data released by the French Interior Ministry Saturday shows that 897 vehicles were destroyed by arson. Of those, 631 had been set on fire, while 266 were damaged by the spreading flames. The total number of burnt vehicles this year is slightly higher than last year, when 858 cars were burned. In 2015, 951 cars were torched. The number of people arrested during the days of festivities is sharply down, though, the ministry said, praising law enforcement efforts for limiting the number of offenses. In 2016, 577 people were taken into custody. “A mobilization of police forces… has significantly reduced the number of incidents and especially brawls on the streets committed at the time of July 14 festivities, the interior ministry spokesman, Pierre-Henry Brandet said.

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