William Jones Cup Day 3

William Jones Cup Day 3: Anil Kumar stars for India against Republic of China ‘Blue’

  • On day three of the William Jones Cup, the Indian men’s basketball team lost 80-101 against Republic of China ‘Blue’ (Chinese Taipei National Team A).
  • Anil Kumar Gowda put on a shooting clinic: dropping 27 points, shooting 80% from 2 point range and hitting five of seven from beyond the arc.
  • Young centre Muin Bek Hafeez continued to impress with 12 points, while Amjyot Singh Gill notched up 13 points.
  • Collectively, the Indian men were also competitive on the boards, and managed to keep the turnovers down to only fifteen.
  • Next up, the Indian men play Iran on 18th July at 1500 hrs CST (1230 IST).


Taipei/Bengaluru, 17th July 2017:  The Indian men’s basketball team continued to shoot the ball well against Republic of China ‘Blue’ (Chinese Taipei National Team A), but eventually lost 80-101 on the third day of the William Jones Cup.


In a see-saw game that saw both teams seize the initiative intermittently, the standout performance was Anil Kumar Gowda who dropped 27 points. The guard from Karnataka put on a shooting clinic, shooting 80% from two-point range and hitting five of seven from beyond the arc.


Young forward Muin Bek Hafeez (12 points) continued where he left off in the last game, shooting the ball well from the paint; while Amjyot Singh had a quiet game compared to his lofty standards, but still managed to notch up 13 points.


In the end, the Indian men were overcome by an all-round performance from the Chinese Taipei team, as they had five players scoring in double figures.


Despite the loss, the Indian team will take heart from the fact that they were competitive on the boards, and managed to keep the turnovers down to only fifteen.


The Indians will be hoping to keep improving when they come up against the mighty Iran on 18th July at 1500 hrs CST (1230 IST).

Republic of China Blue (Zheng-Ru Lu 17 pts, Huan-Ya Yu 13 pts, Po-Chen Chou 12 pts) bt India (Anil Kumar Gowda 27 pts, Amjyot Singh Gill 13 pts, Muin Bek Hafeez 12 pts) 101-80 [25-15, 14-19, 35-20, 27-26]

About the William Jones Cup

The William Jones Cup is a basketball tournament that has been held annually in Taipei since 1977. The tournament was named in honour of Renato William Jones, who was one of the founders of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). One team represents each country, and that team could be the national team, a professional club, or a college team. The tournament will be played in a single round-robin format, and the final points tally will determine the placing of the teams.


This is the 39th edition of the tournament, and all the games will be played at the Basketball Stadium of Heping Elementary School, Taipei City.


The William Jones Cup will serve as excellent competitive exposure for India ahead of the FIBA Men’s Asia Cup to be held in Lebanon from 8th to 20th August 2017.


Last year, Phillipines’ Mighty Sports club team took gold in the men’s tournament, while South Korea and Republic of China (i.e. Chinese Taipei) – Blue finished second and third respectively. India finished 1-7 in this edition.

List of participating teams

  1. Canada 3D Global Sports
  2. India National Team
  3. Iran National Team
  4. Iraq National Team
  5. Japan National Team
  6. Korea National Team
  7. Lithuania Atletas Team
  8. Philippines National Team
  9. Chinese Taipei National Team A (aka ‘Republic of China-Blue’)
  10. Chinese Taipei National Team B (aka ‘Republic of China-White’)

India’s full schedule

  • 15th July, 1100 hrs CST (or 0830 hrs IST)- versus Iraq
  • 16th July, 1100 hrs CST (or 0830 hrs IST)- versus South Korea
  • 17th July, 1900 hrs CST (or 1730 hrs IST)- versus Republic of China – Blue
  • 18th July, 1500 hrs CST (or 1230 hrs IST)- versus Iran
  • 19th July, 1300 hrs CST (or 1030 hrs IST)- versus Lithuania
  • 20th July, 1500 hrs CST (or 1230 hrs IST)- versus Republic of China – White
  • 21st July, 1100 hrs CST (or 0830 hrs IST)- versus Canada
  • 22nd July, 1300 hrs CST (or 1030 hrs IST)- versus Philippines
  • 23rd July, 1500 hrs CST (or 1230 hrs IST)- versus Japan

Official website: www.jonescup.choxue.com/




Sr. No. First Name Middle and Last Name Position DOB State/Unit
1 Ambati PRUDHVISHWAR REDDY PG 02/10/96 Telangana
2 Anil Kumar BUKANKERE KRISHNE GOWDA SG 31/07/89 Karnataka/Vijaya Bank
3 Arjun SINGH G 08/06/92 Uttarakhand/ONGC
4 Pratham SINGH SG 01/10/91 Tamil Nadu/IOB
5 Basil PHILIP SG 10/01/91 Kerala/Customs & Central Excise
6 Jeevanantham PANDI PF/C 13/10/94 Tamil Nadu/IOB
7 Rikin PETHANI C 02/12/90 Tamil Nadu/Income Tax
8 Amjyot Singh GILL PF 27/01/92 Punjab
9 Baladhaneshwar POIYAMOZHI PG 07/12/92 Tamil Nadu
10 Gurvinder Singh GILL PF/C 21/01/96 Punjab
11 Prasanna Venkatesh SIVAKUMAR SF 25/09/92 Tamil Nadu/IOB
12 Muin Bek HAFEEZ SF 28/01/91 Tamil Nadu
Support Staff
13 Baskar SAPPANIAMBALAM Coach 20/07/66 Tamil Nadu
14 Padipurakkal Joseph SEBASTIAN Coach 21/05/67 Kerala
15 Devender KUMAR Manager 04/07/56 Delhi
16 Raj Kumar DUBEY Physiotherapist 01/06/68 Uttarakhand/ONGC
17 Peter Santhosh Divaker PEREJI Referee 03/07/73 Telangana

*PG – Point Guard / Feeder, G – Guard, F – Forward, G/F – Wing, PF – Power Forward, C – Centre, PF/C – Post

About Basketball Federation of India

The Basketball Federation of India or BFI is the governing and controlling body of basketball in India, and is responsible for the development and promotion of the sport at all levels. BFI has been involved in conducting camps, clinics, events, and training sessions at its academies for the development of basketball. BFI came into being in 1935 and took complete control over Indian basketball in 1950. Prior to that time, the Indian Olympic Association handled the conduct of Indian basketball championships. Since 1950, the BFI has been conducting various such championships, from the grassroots to senior team participation in international tournaments. In addition, the BFI has been responsible for the establishment of strong sub-junior and junior level programs. The BFI has to its credit produced several international players of repute, among them 17 have been bestowed with the honour of Arjuna Awards. Earlier in June 2015, 19-year-old Satnam Singh Bhamara made history by becoming the first Indian national to be drafted by an NBA team, when he was selected by the Dallas Mavericks. More information at www.basketballfederationindia.org

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