Enabling Ecosystem for ‘Foreign Trained’ Entrepreneurs

                 July28, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com


China government as a policy sent students for four decades to foreign countries on state expenses for studies and then attracting them back to establish factories and work in Government & Private Enterprises with special programs and incentives. China was also attracting foreign companies to Invest & Set Up Mega Factories, as well as Promote its own Industries. i.e. China attracted 80,000 Japanese companies to 2,000 in India.


FICCI is working on ideas to Create Ecosystem for Foreign Trained Returnee Entrepreneurs, to accelerate Economic Progress of India. But the difference is that Indian engineers on acquiring Engineering Degree switch to Finance Courses like MBA – don’t bring Advance Engineering & Manufacturing Skills. Few who can are not adequately supported, funded and protected.


In addition 90% of government policies are not supporting Manufacturing Enterprises – Food Processing to IPR led Factories. When India is to serve 97% of world market outside India – India is not protecting Inventions of Indian inventors, just about 2% to 3% of foods are processed – US Food Processing contributes $2T to US GDP – India feeds 4 Times more mouths than USA – shall be 5 Times by 2030.


Farmers have own Land, Water & Electricity connection, Have Tractors, Farming Machinery for Contract Farming, Storage & Transport of Raw Foods are merely required to INSTALL Food Processing Plants be in business but GOI promotes few FOOD PARKS where Every Input is many times costly. More related observations are on page three. >>


My Own First Hand Experiences in Encountering Problems


Way back in 1974 I first wanted to setup Workshop in my ancestral village and told joint family ‘I can earn many times and employ few of family’ also but they didn’t like the idea.


Then I topped National and Northern Region competitions for all top Industrial Houses, Birla, Sriram, ISGEC, Atlas and wanted R&D job – finally I accepted job in ‘Quality Control’ of BST then one of the largest factory with Automatic AMERICAN plant. After a month I replaced Senior Inspector with 10 years’ experience earning three times more salary and Three Room house. I was sharing a two room flat with another employee.


Then in 1975 I wanted to Manufacture ‘Patented Kerosene Stove’ – manufacturing components in factories to be assembled at retail outlets cum service centers. Indian Oil, NRDC was stealing ideas, even Rs.600 or $100 grant was released after two years when I complained to Prime Minister.


Same year joined BTPS – biggest thermal power station in India – after TRAINING I was made in charge of PROCUREMENT dealing with suppliers in Chawri Bazaar to Multinationals. I offered JRD Tata to Improve Technologically outdated Coal Handling Plant.


In 1976 joined CPWD where I was trained in all Public Services, Roads, All Building, Airports, Convention Centers, Water Supply, Fire-Fighting, House Wiring to 11 KV Distribution etc.

1978 started filing PATENTS after deep study – had already acquired membership of British Council and American Center a year earlier – could borrow 4+3 Books at a time.


First in India to Develop Technologies for World Market.  


1976-78 I worked in Biggest CPWD store serving half of India immediately responsible for security after 75 days training. Here though junior most in Engineering cadre – I was FINAL Authority – Stores ordered by seniors, Certified by Government Inspection Authorities DGD&D and ISI – when deficient in Quality or Quantity I would write NOTES to make sure everything supplied was up to Standards.


I was also working on INNOVATIVE PROJECTS, i.e. where CPWD invested Rs.10 Cr on Water Supply I wanted to provide better Project to cost only Rs.2 Cr. CPWD used to Engage My Services in EMERGENCY – systems designed by Chief Engineers would fail on eve of Prime Ministers or Ministers visit, or Secretary’s visit etc – I would be in charge of Biggest Project for couple of days – minutes after the visit everything would return to bad times.


I was awarded at WIPO Expo’85 World Exhibition of Inventors where 53 countries participated. I entered 3 Patents out of six acquired many more abandoned due lack of money. I was introduced Global S&T and R&D by 53 countries.


1986 went to USA on business VISA with $400. India’s first $b Entrepreneur [Tandon Drives] who set up Floppy Drive factory supplying OEM to all computer manufactures – He Was First Returnee Entrepreneur in 1982 or so and Indian government promised to engage him to set up Computer Manufacturing in India but nothing happened.


US Companies ‘Cut Supply Orders’ and he was soon Bankrupt. I talked to his wife many times but couldn’t meet him. I had scores of Inventions & Patent Skills for him. Recently search revealed he had acquired 1-2 patents but didn’t protect all the improvements – had he protected all his inventions he could have retained MANUFACTURING ORDERS. Worked for few weeks in an Aerospace Company to Study & Invent manufacturing technologies.


Later that year I was in UK for one month – studied 6000 EU E&M Patents, visited Design’86 plus three exhibitions, Studied UK S&T and Infrastructure.


I met Swaraj Paul another ‘Returnee Indian’, who failed to acquire ‘ESCORTS’ – for 45 minutes he didn’t tell me about his Factories – he operated ‘Steel Tube factory’ and I had worked in BST and topped Zenith Steel Tube all India competition visited ZST and Jain Tubes factories – could have improved his operations and introduced new Products Manufacturing Plants – recently he faced bad times and lost his son also.


Pathetic Decline of Two $1b and $500m Returnee Indians who could have been operating $100b Industries in India. I met another – third MITs engineer Surinder Kapoor who was President of CII in connection with Vision@75 Brain Storming. I told him – ‘There is Much More Money in Developing Innovative Products Than Components for other companies’ – he was shocked. He too suffered because there is not IPR protection in India.


I asked IMMIGRATION OFFICERS ‘Why have you separate Queues for Indians and Foreigners’ – though VISA was issued on arrival but foreigners didn’t require VISA – ‘Your Government Has Introduced VISA – later introduced VISA Fee also.’ GoI discouraged Indian Entrepreneur going abroad or Visiting-Returning India – issue 10-30 day PAID VISA to NRI businessmen 1986.


Nothing happened for some years then NS Vasant became Chairman of PSEB – he was first to release White Paper or Report on Working of PSED. T&D Losses were 45%, more in other states – so I offered to Minimize T&D to Punjab and UP in 1990-91 met CM of UP Chief Engineer of PSEB but nothing happened to this day – CAG reported Rural Feeder losses are 56% in Gujarat even after Jyotigram Yojna of Feeder Separation recently. Innovative Projects includes, Sardar Sarovar Dam, BRT, Railways, Water projects etc.


Trained in all aspects of Renewable Energy – IREDA-USAID 45 day training program at IITD.




>> After family division of Farm Holdings 1991-92 – my focus was on setting up 50T per day Rs.5 Cr Solvent Extraction plant – provide all the Inputs to get Best Yields of Oilseed Crops for myself and regions farms. I couldn’t get any Government support when Oilseeds production was barely 1% or 2% of cropped area or 10% states consumption I was told there is already Over Capacity when Punjab was importing most of Packaged Vegetable Oils from other states. Then I wanted to set up Basmati Rice 10T/day small unit which was to cost Rs.0.05 Cr but even this was denied – Basmati Rice at that time was cultivated for primarily own consumption. Punjab exports 4 million tones of Basmati Rice today.


1974-76 I wanted R&D jobs in biggest companies,

1978-85 Developed Inventions, Secured Patents for biggest companies,

1986-90 Offered Technologies to Indian companies, Projects to GOI,

1991-96 Wanted to set up Food Processing Units,

1997-2017 Offered Innovative Projects & Technologies to Companies & GOI.


Enabling Ecosystem for All Manufacturing Entrepreneurs



2.   Fast PATENTS, IPR – Patent Treaties with US, EU, ASEAN & JAPAN.

3.   On Farm Food Factories, Wines, Beer, Milk Processing, Oils, Bakery, Fruits & Vegetable Processing, Fast Foods, Snacks etc,

4.   Recognition of EXPERTS, Registration of Innovative Projects,

5.   Abolish THAKEDARI System – Engage Specialist Companies.

6.   Two Way Support for Indian Entrepreneurs to Establish Companies abroad and Returning & Foreign Entrepreneurs.

7.   Tax Free Transfer of Fixed Assets from One Country to Another.


Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471, 9718280435, 9650421857

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

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