Open Innovation is Like Open Gutters – Never Sweet Smelling 

August04, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

ET carried two conflicting editorials – one by Richard R Verma, former US Ambassador to India who favored Robust Patent Protection like in USA and another by Rana Kapoor, MD of Yes Bank who advocated Open Innovation.

Whenever I met US Officials or Technology Leader in last 30 years I always told them one thing – Grant US Patents ASAP. Some technologies become obsolete in 1-2 years much before grant of patent.

1990 or earlier USAID introduced US-India Research Co-operation Programs (PACT, Program for Advancement of Commercial Technology and PERT, Program for Energy Research Technology) with Grants or Aid upto $5m for Joint Research.

DST-Lockheed Martin Joint Research Program in a decade could support around 350 Projects with $900m support. This clearly points No Progress in US-India Joint Research Initiatives over 30 years.

The Programme has provided mentoring and handholding assistance to over 400 innovators coming from diverse sectors from across the country during the past decade with the help of partners including FICCI, IUSSTF, IC Institute at the University of Texas at Austin, Stanford Graduate School of Business and TiE Silicon ValleyThe Programme has generated over 350 commercial agreements, and over $900M of economic value for India during the past decade.

Just after PACT & PERT programs were announced I advised US Embassy/USAID to modify the program to ‘First File Patent in the name of Inventor’ so that by the time research program is over there is PATENT PROTECTION and Product ready for Commercialization.

Patented Technologies supported by PACT or PERT could Switch to Full scale Commercial Launch MIDWAY or Get Additional Funding from Commercial Sector.

Open Innovation is Like Open Gutter – Never Sweet Smelling 

Way back in 1980 I first reported to PM that DST-CSIR-NRDC are supporting Bogus Research – this year reported the Secretary DST files Bogus PCT World Patents – i.e. An Adhesive which is a mixture of 2-3 known Chemicals which is no INVENTION, has no Commercial Potential. Sam Pitroda Filed Bogus Patents?


1960 DST CSIR NRDC promoted Biogas Units all over India – even in Flood Prone villages – people didn’t build Biogas Units except when funded by GOI.


1975 I wanted to manufacture ‘Patented Kerosene Stove’ – Parts to be made in few factories – ‘Stove Parts to be Assembled at Retail Outlets Cum Service Centers all over India’. While I was not getting any Financial Assistance,TERI and thousands of other NGOs were getting $millions Foreign-India Funding every year for Biogas, Wood Stoves, Kerosene Stove etc – My Patent was Delayed and LEAKED so had to abandon Many Cook Stove Patents– In 42 yrs India had failed to Develop a single Commercial Kerosene/Wood Stove.

Delhi had Underground Sewage system and Efficient DrainageYamuna River was clean but year by year ‘Delhi Discharged Sewerage in to Drains’ and Yamuna Flows were diverted for Irrigation – ‘Yamuna Now Carry Sewerage & Drainage’, Worst of all Delhi built ‘Foul Smelling Open Drains Cum Sewers on Both Sides of Roads’ in spite of this just one or two millimeter of rains cause Water Logging.

I remember 1978 Worst Floods – Even then I could drive entire length along Ring Road from Ashram to Wazirabad, presently almost entire city get water logged in light rain.


In Conclusion –


Ø Every Factory MUST have R&D Center – Develop IMPROVED Patented Technologies, Preferably Led by Inventors.


Ø Even Service Companies need be Led By Tech Experts. 


Ø US-India Would Succeed Only When Creates PATENTED COMMERCIAL Technologies.


Ø India can avoid 2-3 Billion Tones of GHG Emissions Every Year.


Ø US-India R&D Partnership could translate in to $100 Trillion Additional Economic Gains to US-India by 2050.


Over $Billion Funding of Biogas in 50 Years Of

‘OPEN INNOVATION’ didn’t Improve Biogas Technology.

Indian Villages, Old Cities Continues to have Open Drains On Both Sides of Roads, Light Rains – Sewage Floats On Roads.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471, 9718280435, 9650421857

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