Entrepreneur Efforts Needed

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August 4, 2017
Sustainable Transport is the Future for this Global Automaker
Volvo Group wants to focus on technology that is built for an eco-friendly future Sustainable transport may be the new buzzword among governments who are encouraging eco-friendly means of travel, but the real change needs to be brought by automakers, the ones manufacturing the read more…
Customer Experience
Confused Over Buying A Product Online? This Start-up will Help You Out
With so many brands in the market, consumers are getting confused in selecting the best product The concept of buying something online has become complicated with so many e-commerce sites vying for buyer’s attention, but not adding any new feature for the convenience of customers. read more…
social causes
These Three Apps Have Taken the Pledge for a Social Cause
A host of start-ups are quietly solving some of the biggest problems of our country with just a tap on the mobile screen When was the last time you woke up in the morning and spared a thought for the society? Felt the pinch of conscience to do something good for mankind? read more…
How These Two Engineer Brothers Are Making Manufacturing Easy in India
The Majgaonkars are strong believers of the fact that automation can save a lot of operational costs and time. These two mechanical engineer-turned-entrepreneurs have set a right example of how engineers can be a boon to Indian manufacturers. With escalating costs, stiff competition and sole focus read more…
Spiritual Tourism and How are Start-ups Cashing in On It
Entrepreneurs have found another way to tap into the the $40 billion religion and spirituality industry Walk into the lanes of India and in every two blocks, you will find idolisation of God in every possible form. You will find a temple, a mosque, a Gurudwara or a church that symbolise religion and read more…

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