SC on National Food Security Act,

Supreme Court passes orders asking the Union of India to implement its orders on NFSA to the whole country and lists important NREGA issues for hearing on 5th December 2017

Swaraj Abhiyan 
In the Swaraj Abhiyan Supreme Court case relating to drought (Swaraj Abhiyan v UOI), many
issues have been raised such as the implementation of National Food Security Act, The National Rural Employment Gaurantee Act, loans to farmers, crop loss compensation, etc.
In the latest order of the court dated 21 st  July 2017, the Hon’ble Supreme Court had issued directions regarding the appointment of independent district grievance redress officers, State Food Commissions, Vigilance committees and establish independent social audits of the working of the food distribution system under Food Security Act.

At the hearing on 9 th  August 2017, the court extended all these directions to the entire country and not merely drought affected States.In this hearing the focus was on the implementation of MGNREGA. Swaraj Abhiyan had filedan affidavit pointing out the following:

a. inadequacy of funds for the programme, and reduction in the labour budget for MGNREGA by more than 1/3rd by the Central Government

b. Delay in payment of wages

c. Due Compensation for delayed payment of wages being denied by the Ministry of Rural Development by excluding the delay at the level of the central government and by not paying even 6% of the compensation which is admittedly due even for delay at the level of the State

d. No independent fund allocation for the Social Audit Units to work independently which stands in violation of the standards developed by the C&AG stating that 0.5% of MGNREGA expenditure be allocated for Social Audits.

The Court has fixed 5 th  December 2017 for hearing these issues.

This statement is ussed by Swaraj Abhiyan in association with NREGA Sangharsh Morcha,
Right to Food Campaign and Peoples’ Action for Employment Guarantee.

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