Chitra Bharti Film Festival:

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Chitra Bharti Film Festival: Curtain Raiser at Press Club of India Chief Guest Shri Madhur Bhandarkar. This film festival of short films is slated on 16-18 Feb 2018.


Ms Bhuvi Gupta declared-winner  of the logo of the film festival. Her relative received the award from the chief Guest Shri Madhur Bhandarkar.


Padam Shree Madhur Bhandarkar launched the website of the film festival during curtain raiser.

Madhur and Alok Kumar Chairman of BCS  addressing the press conference dedclared that BCS will hold film festival of short films on 16th-18 th februrary 2018 in New Delhi at sirifort auditorium.


The entries have been invited through the website of such categories-:


Short Films: Documentary Films: Animation Films:Campus films:



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