Dear Sagar Media Inc,  A 16-year-old Junaid died

Dear Sagar Media Inc,

A 16-year-old Junaid died in his brother’s lap on a railway platform. He was beaten to death by a mob, and was called a “beef-eater” and an “anti-national”.

I am a proud Indian, and every time I read about a new case of mob lynching, my head hangs in shame.

Just recently, a 60-year-old Dalit woman was lynched because villagers suspected that she was a ‘witch’ who was chopping of women’s hair.

Hindus, Dalits, Africans, students from the North-East have all been lynched over rumours in the past year.

Shockingly, there is no law against lynchings and mob vigilantism in India. Perpetrators are arrested on vague charges and then let out on bail.

In the last two months, 3 people accused of lynching have been released on bail.

Clearly, we need a law that protects all Indians from vigilante mob violence.

Sagar Media Inc, sign my petition and ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi to enact a Manav Suraksha Kanoon against mob lynchings.

It feels like the country is being torn apart. That anyone can spark violence with false rumours.

A mob does not lead to justice, it only leads to more violence and fear. No civilized country can be ruled by mobs.

We must take a stand to protect India’s diversity and for the rule of law. Sign my petition and ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pass a strict anti-lynching law.

Thank you for your support,

Swara Bhaskar

@narendramodi : Walk the talk, enact Manav Suraksha Kanoon (MASUKA) #MASUKA
Petition by Swara Bhaskar
Sign my petition
Sign Swara Bhaskar’s petition

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