PM Modi urges young entrepreneurs to become soldiers of development


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said, the welfare of the people and the happiness of citizens is supreme for the government.
He said, the government always thinks about where the nation will reach through its work.

Addressing a meeting of young CEOs in New Delhi today, Mr. Modi said, every citizen must have a feeling that this country belongs to him and he has to work for it. He urged the young entrepreneurs to become soldiers of development.

He asked the industry leaders to think about what more they can do for the poorest of the poor. The Prime Minister said, there is a need to make India’s development a mass movement in the same spirit as Mahatma Gandhi did for the freedom struggle.

Mr. Modi added that if this generation thinks of feasible solutions to country’s unique problems, markets and jobs will automatically be created.

On cashless transactions, the Prime Minister exhorted young entrepreneurs to go cashless by 2022. Mr. Modi said, he is looking at end-to-end solutions for India and the digital India with 100 times increase in Optical Fibre Networks is an example.

He said, planting timbers on fringes of farm land will help double farmers’ income and also reduce its import. The Prime Minister said, the rationalization of numerous laws to provide Gas smoothly for the production of Urea is a big initiative of the government to ensure farmers welfare.

He said, this led to additional production of 20 lakh tonnes of urea. The Prime Minister said, Neem-coating of urea ended its large scale diversion.

Mr Modi also talked about promoting the Khadi through gifting and said it will greatly help the poor. He also gave the example of Government e-Marketplace (GeM) to show how small traders are competing successfully in provision of supplies to the government.

He said, one thousand crore rupees have been transacted through GeM so far and 28 thousand suppliers have contributed to this platform. Mr. Modi said, Indians must take pride in their own country and each one should develop a temperament to promote tourist destinations within India, spontaneously among their contacts.

The Prime Minister also lauded outgoing Vice Charmian of NITI Aayog, Dr. Arvind Panagariya saying he has taken the Aayog to greater heights. Over 200 CEOs attended the event Champions of Change organized by the NITI where their inputs were sought to expedite growth and for job creation. Last week, Mr Modi had interacted with young entrepreneurs of various start-ups.

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