Swaraj party brief media

  1. Yogesh: Khattar gov must ask to quit as has failed if no then PM Modi is responsible.Dera chief need to kept in jail in non BJP state .

  2. Yogesh further said Sakshi Maharaja need to be booked for his speech.

  3. Yogesh continue that all opposition political parties must welcomed not make election deal. Compliment Ram Charat, Inv officer, CBI Court for boldness.

  4. Gov knew all details why Gov allowed liberal violence in public. Baba daughter mention in Newspapers ,A deal struck for 27 Distt voting in favor of BJP ,Dera chief to be pardon for rape case.

  5. Why state Ministers visited Dera.Why unlawful assembly allowed to b gathered.Why Public announcement were not made. Why teargas &bullets

  6. Verdict on conviction soon to be announced in a couple of hr. CBI court monitored need to be appreciated. Lots of Q’s Why govt allow violent support

  7. Press conference Swaraj India begins No party has welcome the CBI court verdict on Baba Ram Rahim.

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