MP Sakshi Maharaj stood up for the guru jailed for twenty year

An MP accused of rape and murder has just defended a guru sentenced for raping two women. Enough is enough. The entire country is reacting in outrage — sign now with one click to kick this pro-rape MP out of Parliament!


Dear friends across India,

MP Sakshi Maharaj has just stood up for the guru jailed for twenty years for raping two women! It’s a betrayal of women everywhere, but if we act right now, we can kick this pro-rape politician out!

BJP MP Maharaj has been accused of rape himself, and is a known hardliner — in the past he’s suggested conversion to Islam and Christianity could be punishable by death. Now he has supported the rapist guru, calling him a ‘simple man’ who he says is being ‘harassed’.

Let’s stand up for women everywhere and demand he’s shown the door. His party is already under pressure — let’s push Prime Minister Modi and the President of the BJP to suspend this sexist rape-champion and remove pro-rape politicians from India’s Parliament.

Sign now with one click to kick this rape-champion out!

To Prime Minister Narendra Modi and National President of the BJP, Amit Shah:

As concerned citizens deeply disturbed by the sexist comments made by BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj, we call on you to urgently suspend him from Parliament and from all Parliamentary Committees. We call on you to stand up for India’s women and send a strong signal to the country that there is no place in Parliament for a politician who condones rape.

Sign now with one click to kick this rape-champion out!

Maharaj’s hateful remarks came after at least 38 people were killed and hundreds injured in Haryana state by supporters of the rapist. He is now trying to backpedal on his comments, but this isn’t about him. The two heroic women, who wrote to the Prime Minister first accusing the guru of rape, are now facing brutal retaliation.

Instead of calling for the protection of these brave women, Maharaj sent a warning to the courts, saying they could be held responsible for further violence. But now, he is on the back foot. A petition has been filed against him in the High Court for making offensive remarks against the judiciary and his own party are said to be considering what to do with him. 

Let’s get rid of this outrageous pro-rape MP and clamp down on institutional sexism in India. Prime Minister Modi says he supports gender equality. Sign now and tell him and the President of the BJP to kick this sexist, rape-champion out of Parliament and stand up for women everywhere.

Sign now with one click to kick this rape-champion out!

Avaaz has been fighting for women’s rights in India for years. This campaign is part of our drive to stand with the women of India in their fight for freedom, safety, and equality.

With hope and determination,

Sarah, Luca, Alaphia, Danny, Anne, Bert, and the rest of the Avaaz team

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