AAP Launches Farmer Movement and Registration Drive in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has seen the rise of one party that wins elections at all cost but does zero delivery on governance. From farmer issues to urban sewage the ruling BJP government has failed abysmally on all aspects of governance. Growing farmer suicides across Maharashtra and the first of it’s kind Farmer Strike in Maharashtra showed how Maharashtra is in the throes of a massive agrarian crisis but the Fadnavis government earned the dubious distinction of cheating the farmers and stabbing the farmers in the back.
And if that was not bad enough the government is fraught with scams and AAP Maharashtra has exposed many of them. In fact recently we published a report card of the Fadnavis Government where 23 BJP and ShivSena leaders have engaged in over 40 scams. After which the BJP went into overdrive and almost all it’s Ministers from Subhash Deshmukh to Prakash Mehta have been exposed as being involved in scams.
At the same time we see a crumbling opposition – leaders of Congress, NCP, Shivsena are all standing in queue to join the BJP in order enjoy the fruits of power. In this scenario the Aam Aadmi party feels there is need to give the people of Maharashtra a voice.

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