On Saturday the 2nd of September 17, Coast Guard Officers, Enrolled Personnel, Civilian staff, all decided to put an end to their dust woes. The Coast Guard Headquarters is located in midst of the vehicular traffic all around which makes it dust prone area of Delhi. The dust enters and accumulates in the crevices and inaccessible areas of the machines, be it computers, key boards, Xerox machines, electrical appliances like fans, switch boards, desk tops, work stations, furniture  etc, besides lot of shrubs and plants also grew up due to monsoon on unwanted spaces which needed weeding out.

All Officers including senior officers were assigned to remove the tables and chairs and dust up, dismantle the portable fans and dust up, clean up the almirahs and weed out the old and dilapidated thrash piled up for a long time and carry out thorough dusting up followed by wet cloth clean ship. All enrolled personnel and civilian staff were assigned to dust up and clean up the surroundings including verandahs and trim the wild trees and shrubs all around the premises besides cleaning their own work places. For three long  and continuous hours ( 0700 hrs to 1000 hrs ) 400 hundred of them donated their time and labor towards sprucing up the area and making it spic and span.

when ADG Indian Coast Guard took rounds of the premises during and after the clean ship drive he remarked’’ I was tremendously impressed by the will power of the officers and men , they instill hope in me and i am positive they will continue with this practice in future also,,,,.

At  the end of the swakchatta abhiyan one full truck load of muck, dust, waste, trimmed branches and shrubs were disposed off through the support staff of municipality.

take away….. As Long as We Work Together , We can fix anything.

Published by Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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