North Korea conducts sixth nuclear test

Japan today confirmed that North Korea has conducted a sixth nuclear test, a move the United States and its allies in the region are likely to view as a major provocation.

Two tremors struck North Korea today, suggesting the reclusive country may have conducted a nuclear test.

Seismological data from the United States Geological Survey showed that an explosion caused a 6.3-magnitude tremor in the country’s northeast, where North Korea has detonated nuclear explosions in the past. China and South Korea said they also detected a second quake of 4.6 magnitude in North Korea.

Japan lodged a formal protest with Pyongyang after a major explosion at the isolated nation’s main test site. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, a sixth nuclear test by Pyongyang is absolutely unacceptable and could not be tolerated.

Talking to reporters in Tokyo, Japanese foreign minister Taro Kono said, after examining information from the weather agency and other information, Japan government concludes that North Korea conducted a nuclear test.

He said, the government registered a protest with the North Korean embassy in Beijing prior to the confirmation, calling any test extremely unforgivable.

South Korea’s military also said the first earthquake appeared to be manmade. National news agency Yonhap said a meeting of Seoul’s National Security Council has been convened. The tremors came hours after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was pictured with, what state media termed as a new type of hydrogen bomb.

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