10th Farmers Global Summit – No Progress On Critical Issues

September07, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com

10th Farmers Global Leadership Summit 2017 though well managed – 18-19 hour program was compressed in two days, — yet


many Critical Issues were missed and there is No progress on Critical Issues.


All the ‘Recommendations Over 9 Years Were HIJACKED’ by Resourceful Corporate. The Idea of Village Cooperatives was Substituted by ‘FARMER SERVICE CENTERS’, GoI failed to Dismantle MANDIS and repeal Food Marketing Regulations, Adequate Long Term Loans to Farmers Not Provided, No Value Additions [Storage & Processing] Supported at Farms.   


1.  When population of India increased by about 200m – water storage in Dams for Normal Rainfall decreased by 20%. India didn’t build multipurpose storage dams.


Ø California defines Storage Dam benefits – 1. Storage of Flood Waters, 2. Main Source of Clean Water for Irrigation, Industry & Municipal Supplies, 3. Flood Protection, 4. Power Generation, 5. Recreation, 6. Weather Control, 7. Fish Protection, 8. Environment Protection –.


2.  Crops are harvested in a period of 15-30 days in case of GRAINS & Pulses to be consumed over 12 months and carryover stocks to next year – this requires 100% Working Capital for Storage of Grains & Oilseeds but Farm Loans are FIRSTLY Short Term and SECONDLY 70% Farmers don’t get bank loans.


Ø Instead of DOUBLING Income in Storing Crops, Farmers are Forced to Sell Crops at even below MSP and take MONEYLENDER Loans at 3% Per Month to 1% Per day.




3.  Single All India Market vs Local Production and Direct Supply. The idea of SINGLE ALL INDIA Market and Connecting Markets is WEIRD in itself.  


Ø The very idea of Connecting Markets is WEIRD when India need COOPERATIVES like AMUL buy Fruits & Vegetables from Farmers in the evening and Supplying ‘Graded Clean & Semi Processed FARM FRESH Vegetables to Consumers in the Morning’.


Small Scale On Farm Processing vs Few Food Processing Parks.


4.  Farmers were prosperous when there were 1. Paddy, Flour & Dal Mills, 2. Home Churning of Milk, 3. Small Scale Vegetable Oil Extraction, 4. Gur Making at Farms, 5. Home Grown Fruits & Vegetables, Snacks and their Processing, 6. Local Manufacture of Tools, 7. Home Storage of Foodgrains, 8. Own Seed Production, 9. Multiple Cropping and 10. Minimum Trade in Food Products and BARTER Trade. 11. Persian Wheels.  


Ø It was Rightly Observed at the Summit – For Every Rs.1000 of Crops Sold, Farmers Spend Rs.2000 on Purchase of Foods.

UBERization of Farm Machinery or Farmers Sharing Machinery


5.  Farmers are WISE and Intelligent – Farmers shared ‘Fire’ for example before Safety Matches were introduced but CRITICAL for survival, Tractors and Farm Machinery were put to Maximum use particularly in early years, Land Line Phones of Surpanch were used by entire village, Potato Planters, before Harvesters were introduced ‘Portable Corn Sheller, Rice Sheller, Wheat Threshers’ were common. FARMERS EVEN SHARED WELLS, POOL LABOR IN DIGGING WELLS.




6.  Mandis are Not MARKETS. In a Market SELLER determines the Price of Commodity He Sells but in Mandis it is the TRADERS WHO SECRETLY FIX prices. MANDIS don’t have STORAGES and Don’t Have CLEAN & HYGIENIC STORAGE, HANDLING & SORTING FACILITY, NO FREE RUNNING WATER. NO FIX PRICE FOR EVEN SINGLE DAY.


Ø Mandis Cost Farmers 15% in Commissions & Transport, Generate Food Waste & Contaminate Foods, cause 30% Waste or Garbage.


Data CRITICAL for Farming Not Provided


7.  Critical Data for FARMERS & AGRICULTURE – Dam Water Storages, Area Planted, Expected Food Production, Turnover of Mandis, Reliable Weather Report, FORECASTING of PRICES, International Prices of Farm Items etc are not provided to Indian Farmers.




8.  USA has 8000 Farmers Markets – 25 Per Million. India too need Farmers Market where farmers can sell their ‘Clean & Graded, Semi Processed or Processed Foods directly to Farmers at Prices determined by Farmers Alliance’.  




9.  Developed Counties and many states Largely Produce Animal Feed than Crops for Human Consumption, Farmers Cooperate in Selling Meats, Egg, Poultry, Milk & Milk Products etc.  

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471,

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