Indian Railways Need Inventor CEO, Worst Managed Indian PSU

September08, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

Even Jack Welch or Jeff Immelt or any world’s highest paid CEO – offered $100m annual salary would refuse to take over management of Indian Railways put in such a deep crisis.


Indian Railways is undertaking WILD program to invest $200b – $300b though reportedestimates are $130b – Indian Railways has history of spending 10 times than estimates in case of Konkan Railways for example. Konkan Rail Double Track With Electrification Project was to cost Rs.700 Cr but cost over Rs.6,000 Cr for Single Track Non Electrified.


When Shane-Punjab 12497 was introduced hauled by 2600 HP Diesel Loco – it used to reach Jalandhar by 12:15 PM and arrive before time at every station. Presently average arrival is 1:30PM. Delhi-Ludhiana 14681 Super Fast when introduced use to average 100 kmph or first 100 km in 60 minutes between Ludhiana and Ambala City reduced to 48 kmph. 

Indian Railways Throughput FY15 to FY16 ,

Railway stats presents very scary picture – though Program to Ultimately Spend $300b or more is underway but there is no growth in Passenger or Goods Traffic. Total track length has increased from 117,996 km to 119,630 km or 1634 km or 1.5% increase. Electrified Route kilometer growth was merely 22,224 km to 23,555 km or 1331 km or 5%. IR added 349 Locomotives, 1784 Coaches, Other Coaches Minus 101. 

Passenger and Freight throughput combined has declines about 3% but there is no decrease in Diesel & Electricity consumption. Diesel consumption was 2856 m.kl to 2870 m.kl and Electricity 15,743 MU to 15,701 MU. ENERGY EFFICIENCY DECLINED 3%.  

Dedicated Freight Corridor – Lifeline of Indian Economy & Railways – seems to have been abandoned. NO SEPERATION OF BULK FREIGHT & PASSENGER TRAINS IN NEAR FUTURE.  – Even Longer Freight Trains Shall Pass through Indian Cities for another decade. For 25 years I had proposed Shahdara-Sonipat Bypass Track for Goods Trains but no progress.

Most Expensive Mumbai-Goa TEJAS Express operates at 53 kmph speed covers 552 km in 10:30 hours – 80% of seats tomorrow [Sep09, 2017] morning train are VACANT – that too may be largely public servants. This train perform one way journey or 552 km in a day, 3312 km in a week or 3 Round Trips – 472 km/day. Shatbdi Trains average 900 kilometerplus run daily. 

It was shocking to learn IR shall save Rs.41,000 Cr in 10 years as fuel bill by Electrifying 90% all Rail Lines or Expenditure of over Rs.2,00,000 Cr to yield 2% annual return or actually huge losses.   

IR is toying with the idea of Own Thermal Generating Stations when over 80,000 MW Capacity is down. Idea of On Train Solar Power is most weird – firstly Panel will not be aligned to Solar Rays and secondly Will Add Weight & Drag to trains. 

Idea of own Transmission is Weird. I have seen 110KV or 220KV power lines along Railway Tracks – which in case of accident may electrocute Over 500 to 1000 Passengers. 

Regenerative Braking in case of Freight Trains Hauled by IMPORTED LOCOS are not very effective – because Freight Trains rarely attain high speed and are expected to brake within short distance. 

IR R&D Work is ZERO, Fails To Optimally Use Installed Assets.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant,


Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471,

The writers view point .

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