Shashi Tharoor Led ‘Congress Professional Cell’ 

September10, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

Professional Congress is already dead.#ProfessionalsCongress twitter account has just 6324 followers and on facebook even more pathetic – to be a member of Professional Congress one has to depositRs.1000 and join as Congress Party Member. It is not through Invitation or Hiring Professionals to clean up rust in the Congress Organization.  

Politically Shashi Tharoor is merely Promoting Himself not ‘Contributing anything to the Congress Fortune.’ All founders are actually in Congress for decades or through family links – Gogoi, Reddy, Deora and Soz – Shashi Tharoor was last to join Congress in 2009.


Shashi Tharoor re-write History which neither makes any sense or interest present generation. In Nehru: Invention of India he spent 4-5 pages on Birth of Nehru … due to blessing of a ‘Yogi and that Motilal didn’t perform Purification Ceremony on Return from Britain’ – ‘..he had two Governesses at home, and from 1901-04 a private tutor, — devoured Scott and Dickens, Conan Doyle and Twain…’


This in times of Test-Tube Babies, Cloning, Sperm & Embryo Banks and 50-60 million Indians settled all over the world – look totally Unintelligent.


Causes of Bengal Famine


Amartya Sen, Nehru, and many more identified scores of Causes of Bengal Famine, Hoarding by Traders, 6-8 times increase in food prices, Unemployed Labor couldn’t AFFORD to buy foods, Burma (Myanmar) Occupation, Relief Not Reaching Interiors. Shashi Tharoor found new reason,British PM caused famine – exported food.


As reported earlier in 70 years Canal Irrigated area in India is Barely 15 million hectare or just 9% of gross cultivated area. 80% water in ‘Indian Rivers’ is lost to sea.


Famines to Anemia


Earlier one in a lifetime 2-3m people died in famine – today 70 years after Freedom, 50%-72% of India population is Malnourished. India made little progress.

My only earliest link to Shashi Tharoor was St Stephens College were I participated in my first even Chess Tournament in 1973 and at midway stage ranked No.1, could have been ‘Champion’ in 45 Commonwealth Countries, over 190 countries in all, 7-8 years before that 42 Commonwealth and 150 countries by age 10. Even in 70 years – India Sportsmen get no promotion at School Level – it is only when they make Records some get recognition and awards that too for few sports streams.


He graduated with a BA in History when as per his own confession had access to UNLIMITED Range of Books from pre-school level. I had access to British Council & American Center Libraries in 1977 at age 22.


At age Shashi acquired Degree in History – I had been Responsible Quality Control working for Biggest Factory in North India, invented Kerosene Stove and Trained at then largest thermal power station.

I was asked by my teachers to participate in debate competitions where Half the students would debate in Favor of a subject and other half Oppose it – scripts was provided by the same teacher. I didn’t participated in school debates because I felt debates are not honest 50 years later such debates are common on our news channels every day. In 1967 – half a century ago usual topic of debates was ‘British Exploited India and India was ‘Sone Ki Chidia’ – exactly the same speech Shashi Tharoor delivered in OXFORD every year.

He claims to read books in minutes. Except debating he didn’t acquire any Expertise. Even in history he is practically ZERO. For example when India contributed 27% to world GDP India had around 40% of world’s population,‘BRITISH RULERS in India Were At Wars throughout’ – scores of Large Scale Wars within India, FREEDOM Movement, Two World Wars, Major Wars in other parts of the world funded by Indian resources, Famine, Infectious Diseases Besides 4 Levels of Exploitation. British Collecting Taxes through Rajas, Traders, Moneylenders, Rain-fed Agriculture, poor Quality of Seeds.


GDP Issue


India was exporting Spices and Silk which were more Valuable than Gold then. Traders and Rulers were rich but not 99% people who were treated as slaves.  


India continues to produce 3% of world GDP – ZERO Patents & IPR. The Secretary DST files bogus ‘World Patents’. India contributes just 4% to US Apparel Imports – exports raw cotton.


Credit to MSMEs is barely 3% of GDP – 95% Rely on Moneylenders

India contributed $4.8b to US Imports in 2005, $4.5b in 2016/17. Can Shashi Tharoor explain how India ranked Behind China & Mexico in 2007 in Exports of Textiles & Apparel is today behind China, Vietnam and Bangladesh? – had Textile Mills for 100 yrs.

Shashi Tharoor isn’t Honest Historian or Politician

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

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Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

The writers research, reviews, views not of Us.

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