Don’t let Brazil kill the Amazon!

Brazil is selling huge chunks of protected Amazon parkland to corrupt businessmen for mining, logging and farming. But we can stop it together — if we help create an international scandal that builds on the government’s confidence crisis at home. 900,000 Brazilians have already signed on — let’s make this the largest campaign in history to save the Amazon. Sign on and share widely!


Dear friends,

Red Alert! Brazil is trying to sell huge chunks of protected Amazon forest to corrupt businessmen for mining, logging and farming — the last was half the size of Germany!

But there’s a way we can stop them. 
The government is already in crisis, suffering from unbelievably low approval ratings and under constant fire in the media, including for the corrupt Amazon sell-off.

This week, Brazil’s President is heading to the UN General Assembly to try and drum up a positive round of global press to quiet the criticism back home. Let’s ruin his plans by showing up in NYC with a million signatures and a headline-grabbing stunt, and send him home with only one option to save his political career: stop killing the Amazon.

Don’t let Brazil kill the Amazon!

The Amazon is a living miracle. It’s home to one in ten of the species on Earth, produces more than 20% of our oxygen, and we can’t stop climate change without it.

But right now this essential ecosystem and the indigenous people who call it home are paying the price for a dirty political game. President Temer is selling off pieces of the forest to gain political favour from powerful businesspeople and members of Congress. He needs their protection because he’s historically unpopular, and under investigation for corruption himself!

Scientists say moves like this could tip the whole Amazon into catastrophic crisis — warning the whole forest ecosystem could collapse!

Brazil will be in the spotlight as they open a UN leaders meeting in days, and we’ll pull out all the stops in New York to put Amazon protection at the top of the agenda every time Temer shows his face. Over 900,000 Brazilians have already signed on — let’s back their massive campaign. Sign now: 

Don’t let Brazil kill the Amazon!

Brazilian Avaazers have a history of making miracles — we helped passed the country’s first sweeping anti-corruption reform, and we helped bring down one of the most “untouchable” politicians who tried to shield himself from public accountability. Now they’ve built one of the biggest national campaigns we’ve ever seen — so let’s take it global and save the Amazon!

With hope and determination,

Diego, Laura, Flora, Nana, and Carol, with the rest of the Avaaz team

More information:

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Brazil abolishes huge Amazon reserve in ‘biggest attack’ in 50 years (The Guardian)

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Activists decry Temer’s Amazon deforestation bill (Al Jazeera)

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