Audio recording of Land Rights Initiative

Dear all, 
On June 22, 2017,  the Centre for Policy Research Land Rights Initiative organised a talk by Kumar Sambhav, Ankur Paliwal, and Bhasker Tripathy, on “Mapping Land Conflicts in India”. All three speakers are award winning journalists working at the intersection of human rights and economic development in India. Kumar and Ankur are presently coordinating “Land Conflict Watch”, a collaborative data journalism project that maps land related conflicts in India, and Bhasker is assisting them with this project. In their talk, they presented findings from this ongoing project, and highlighted the predominance of conflict over common lands. 
This was the ninth talk in the Land Rights Initiative Speaker Series and was followed by a stimulating discussion on how we can understand political, social, and legal conflict over land better and what strategies we can adopt to reduce conflict over land. An audio recording of the talk was earlier spotlighted on the CPR website and can be accessed here.  
We thank you for your continued support to the CPR Land Rights Initiative and participation in our events.
Best regards, 
CPR Land Rights Initiative Team

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