Democratic Party now Hope in

The leaders of the newly-formed Hope party and the opposition Democratic Party have confirmed they will speed up the selection of Democrats as candidates for Hope in Japan’s general election on October 22nd.
The head of Hope, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, and Democratic Party President Seiji Maehara held talks on Friday morning.
The meeting came after the Democrats’ approval on Thursday of Maehara’s proposal for a de facto merger with Hope.
Maehara proposed that the Democratic Party will not field any candidates in the election and would instead allow its members to run under the banner of the new party.
The 2 leaders agreed that former Lower House member Masaru Wakasa of Hope and former foreign minister Koichiro Gemba, a Democrat, will select the members of the Democratic Party who will be allowed to run.
Maehara said he would like all the candidates to be approved, but he understands the reality of the situation.
He said the decisions will be based on whether the candidates share the ideas and policies of the Hope party and whether they can win single-seat constituencies.
Koike told reporters after the meeting that she has no intention of allowing all the Democrats to run on her party’s ticket.
She said the potential candidates must support Hope’s policies, and they will be carefully screened.
Maehara told reporters that the talks with Koike focused on how to topple the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He said he expects that the arrangements for election cooperation will pick up speed.

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